Vintage Bed Sheet with Pillowcases

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I about gasped all the air out of the thrift store when I found this darling Super Mario Bros. bed sheet. You may remember I found one last year. In this very same condition and even a flat sheet. I am shocked on how clean and new looking it is. I wonder if anyone even use half of these sheets that get donated. I mean I know they use them. I see the worn sheets. I hate it when its worn so much in the center. Ick. Sometimes you get lucky. I am going to try to keep this from my son. He already took the last one I found. He has taken a Star Wars Bed flat sheet and matching pillow case, Mario Flat Sheet and he has that superman pillowcase I found. I think he has another sheet. I am drawing a blank. But my point was he gets them all. Now he isn't like me and wants double and triple the collection does he? (giggle)
I found this amazing bright polka dot floral sheet set. Fitted and the flat. I love the flower colors. Pink, orange with gold and dabs of blue. I have found this sheet before. Only it was a flat sheet and it was dingy and dirty looking and I passed on it. But I really loved the print so much. I was mad it was so dingy. But then I realized someone too loved it so much that is why it was so worn. I have another reason to want to have a twin size bed. Just to throw this on and make the room pretty and revolve totally around the colors and patterns. Cause I am never going to find these in king size. Oh I really hope one day I can find something worthy! This set is going into my Etsy shop. I am sure some one will be happy to own this pretty set. (ME ME ME ME Meeee!)

I found these 2 vintage pillowcases. They are so pretty. The one on the bottom feels like it was never washed and feels brand new. Yet its not. The tag is just like a few others I have here. I have seen this print before in my collection or I sold it. I know I have. I remember it being really really faded. I think I might do something with this pretty. Yet. I prolly won't cause I find it very hard to cut into pretty.
I had no intentions of going into the thrift store today. And to think what I would have missed out on. I just had to make a fast errand and when the store is right there. You just gotta peek inside. You just gotta. For these reasons. For the ever love of vintage sheets you must!


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I love the Super Mario sheet! I can't believe you always find amazing stuff! xx

I'd be squealing if I found those pillowcases! Swoon!

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