Pyrex Monday mixed with First Day of School!

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I am stumbled upon a really awesome find today. This one even came in the box. THE BOX! This is called a 2 Quart Casserole & Warmer. Aqua! This holder is way more fun than the others I found the other day. I would have never known this set was complete Pyrex. I am learning what all the pieces came with Pyrex. There are a few types of holders. I never found Pyrex in its original box. I must say I got all crazy excited over the used cardboard. Yeah I am keeping the box. I know. I know. Its a box. But its Pyrex. I found a really fun blog that also loves Pyrex. She has some really fun stuff. Check it out here!
Underneath the bowl is a metal circle piece that is slotted. That comes out and you slip a candle in the brass base. There is still one in there. This bowl is dirty. Looks as if someone used it once and put it back in the box. Minus the washing. The inside is sparkling clean. Weird. Maybe they just tested it and used it for something like bread? They lit the candle and there is a little ring mark at the bottom of the Pyrex dish. But it all came out with soap and water.

My 9th grader is at his first day of school today! I am so happy I found a school that is a good fit for him. We are still homeschooling just getting help in the subjects I am not able to teach. I am still teaching History and Science. I found a bunch of used books at the thrift store to help me. My friend also told me of Its an Ebay company that sells used books. School books are totally reusable. Once I finish with mine I will sell them there and get new ones as well from there. I had no idea this site even existed.
I found a book for me!
I am going through this yellow phase still. I found some really pretty vintage bangles. I wish they were Bakelite. They look it just don't feel it.
I love little pretty trinket boxes. This is cute and round and opens nice and closes nice. I have no idea why I had to have it. Just had to.
Its been a while since I have found worthy scarves. I found some today. No Vera in there. Maybe next time. These are so soft. The wind was trying to take them away.



I call that one the Sputnik! This is such a lucky find! I've been yearning for one in the box FOREVER!

Lucky girl! :)

OMWord! I've never seen such a Pyrex before!

Nice Pyrex!

I have a love for it myself - I've never found it in the box (and I would totally save the box, too!).

Where in FL are you? I'm in Palm Beach Co. Love your blog!

Madge I am in West Broward County.

Thank you! XO

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