Purple Woodsy Peg Doll Houses

anniescupboards 5 11:48 AM
I made 2 purple peg doll houses for my upcoming craft show. I made them the same colors but not in the same places. Purple is a FAVORITE of mine. I don't use this color enough.

I shall be listing what does not sell at my craft show over in Etsy in my shoppe.
It started raining on me while taking these photos. I prefer to take my photos outside. It shows the true color of my creations. But when it rains, what can you do? This house is hubby's favorite. He loves the pops of pink I threw in there. He said its really POPPING for him. Yes!

I am searching for more homes! I currently have only 1. And that is my stash house for me. I am keeping that one. I still have no idea what I want my house colors to be. I am love the hot pink then I love the red and aqua combo and I totally could rock out the purple. I thought after all this play time I could just go back and choose something I did already painted and love. I have too many loves. I have to just narrow it down. Which is not easy. When you love lots of colors.


These are absolutely adorable. The purple is really nice. I was wondering if you'd ever tried yellow and turquoise? It's a combination I love together but you seem to have such great skill in color coordination.

I did do some with yellow and aqua and turquoise. just not deep more lighter I think. Take a peek here: http://anniescupboard.blogspot.com/2010/07/wont-you-be-my-woodsy-neighbor.html

Thank you for you super awesome comment!! XO

they are really cute - i am not a fan of purple, but mixed with the black they are really pretty! i am usually the same way when i make something. usually if i am making a doll, i want the first one. some things i know when i start that i don't want it and some things i know i couldn't part with. maybe you need to find one or make one that is really big (like an apartment complex) and you can do different rooms in different colors. Just start with the rainbow and go from there!

These are so cute!!! I love the polka dots and the purple :)

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