Shenandoah Pyrex Bowl

anniescupboards Reply 1:06 PM
I found this large Shenandoah printed bowl this morning. I have a smaller one just like this. Now I have a set? How many come in this set? I really love this print. It's very Spring to me. I love spring time. I had to drop my son off at school and you know with that thrift store right next door I can't resist. I felt that Pyrex radar going off. Now I have been reading over at Pyrex Collective how the girls there are using the numbers on the bottom of the dishes to reference them as well as naming the print. This one has a few numbers on it. I will have to learn more about these so called numbers. Which is which and what is what. I am so new.
This is not Pyrex. It's Glass Bake. I have been passing it every time I go to the thrift store. I have a green Glass Bake dish very similar to this. This has a divider just like the green one. I actually like this blue more than the green. Lots more. But it's not PYREX! So I kept passing it. Until today since it was still there and 75% off. For .90 cents I said, FINE I will take you home. It very clean and bright and so new looking.
I purchased this lovely Pyrex lid for .60 cents. I like 75% off days. I don't feel so bad just buying a lid. I took a close up so you can kinda see the Pyrex logo on the lid. There is also a number on this lid. It's so dirty.

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