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This year was my 3rd year attending Stitch Rock as a vendor. I must confess I really love this show most of all. Maybe cause its the first one I was exposed too. FOR sure because Amanda throws the best indie shows ever. That girl works so hard to put these shows together for us. Her shows are the best. (can I say best more its THE best best best I tell you) She puts the word out all over South Florida and I hear the word is spreading to different states. Oh yeah baby! She supplies tables and chairs which is lovely cause if you worked a craft show you know how this part is annoying to have to lug around. She makes the show so fun. She even got an ATM machine so people could get cash easily and spend it. YES! Like hello. That right there is AMAZING! Its a cash and carry show. Meaning...BRING CASH. Some vendors do take credit cards. But most do not. Me I do not.

This is my friend Nikki from Cute N Sweet Cafe! You gotta go see her goodies. So many yummy things to wear. YUMMY I tell you. I don't know how she makes them so small and perfect. I heard she is coming out with scented charms. Really? Oh my. I would love to smell like cotton candy. Oh yeah.

This is Brenda from Humble Bumble Bee. She makes all these vintage styled hats. EVERYONE loves them. She sells so many of them. I want one every time I see her new creations. She is the sweetest gal. She has twins. They are in the first photo up top. So cute huh? She makes them such cute little stuff. Oh my gosh. And yes. Another is on the way. Just One. I heard its a girl too. Oh my house full of girls. Oh what fun. I know work. But come on so fun!

This is Mufyn! She is adorable. She makes these awesome clothes. Check her out here. I need cash so I can buy some of her clothing. I want her DIY clothing. I am so into her style. I love it. You can find her blogging over here.

Michelle puts on this amazing fashion show with some DIY clothing makers or vintage clothing vendors goodies. It gives everyone a chance to sneak peek at whats hot in fashion with DIY. If you don't know. You gotta find out. DIY fashion is so new and fresh but coming out so fast. (DIY= Do it yourself) Her an Amanda make this show fierce. Michelle has goodies for sale too. She totally is all about Vintage clothing. She lives. breathes and sleeps fashion. She takes trips to many places and states and hunts down fashion in yard sales, flea markets, thrift stores antique shops.... oh you name it she is there. I would LOVE to travel with her on one of her amazing adventures. You can follow her too on her blog. Its right here. She also has this too! She is involved in a few vintage projects and some top secret shush shush ones too. I can't wait to see.
My friend Rachel was right next door. She is over on Etsy here.
Amanda is working her new cupcake cart. Its too cute. I think this is the first time it made an appearance at a craft show? Oh guess what I got to man that cart for 10 mins. I LOVED IT! Everyone was just so happy and throwing money at me and wanted cake. And the smiling that was going. Oh my gosh. BEST JOB EVER! Amanda's cakes of course is why the smiling was going on. But you know me. I LOVE a good smile from people. Means happiness is pouring out and exploding and I want it on me!

This is Nikki Copeland. She is darling. I love her style. She is an artist. She paints amazing stuff. You can find her here. She is also a stylist and a hair dresser (an AMAZING ONE at that I really need to go in and let her just make something fun outta this red head). She is so freaking artistic.
This is Diana! I met her the very first show I did. We have the same love for aqua and red. OF COURSE we would meet! She makes the best stuff. Her aprons are wonderful. You want one? Come see her here. Tell her Sherry says Hi from anniescupboards. I LOVE her hair!

Here is what some of the House of Vintage has to offer.
I wanted to take the frame with the necklaces, ALL OF them. Cept I was thinking of running out the door with it and down the street. Michelle would have caught me. It would be worth a go no? I just love it. Its so pretty. Right there is art. ART YOU CAN WEAR TOO! Gosh. Love it. You have to come out to the show next year if you missed it this year. There is so much to see and do. Oh and to eat. Oh yes.


Great photos! You really captured the show and got me thinking about a few new projects...thanks!

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