Pyrex Bowls with Lids, WITH LIDS!

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3 piece Pyrex casserole bowls found. Butterfly Gold Pattern 1. With lids. These were dirty when I bought them. Dirty as in small bits of food still stuck on them. Eww. I still bought them. Like I care. Soap and water made them all pretty once again. They came with the lids. THE LIDS! I never get the lids. I never find a set of 3 much either. And today, set of 3 with with lids. Awesome. The set was marked 14.99. Then 50% off of that. Oh you know I was smiling.

Pink Pyrex found. I am not all gushy gush over this color pink. I like the light pink the most. I passed on one just like this 4 days ago. It was all scratched up and seeing how I don't really love love the color I was ok to keep walking past it. It was way over priced too. All scruffy and worn. This one was in way better condition. And FREE. Yes free. I bought other things and was given this for free.

I am going to put these sheets in my Etsy Shoppe. They are both twin sizes and in perfect vintage shape. I am going to list a few craft show creations in Etsy too. I hope to get them today. Maybe have to wait till tomorrow.


Yay for you on the Pyrex! I finally put together the Butterfly Gold round casserole set through thrifting, but all together I paid a lot more than you did.

I just found the same pink utility dish last week. It still needs some help in the cleaning department. But free? How could you pass that up?

What great finds! I would have been smiling too! I love the Butterfly Gold pattern, and have a few pieces of my own.

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