Hammary White Desk

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So I talked and talked talked about this desk so much. I actually got hubby to go with me to get it. ON BLACK FRIDAY! We did not venture out to any retails stores. Just to the grocery store (which by the way was totally empty) and the thrift store. Lucky for me the desk was still there. I really could not get it out of my mind. You saw me blah blah here about it. I just fell in love with it. I had to have it. I need a crafting desk. I have a dresser not a desk. I am giving my son the dresser when we move. I also got 25% off of this beauty too. I paid 80 dollars for it. I came home an researched that desk when I first found it. It's a Hammary desk. It has a vintage vibe to it. But it's not vintage. Hammary furniture is expensive for my pocket. There is no way I could afford this out of the thrift store.
There is so much detail on this desk. I love all the curves it has. It's just a feast for my eyes.
I simply can not wait till we move so I can use it. I wish I could afford a book case just like it. I love love love this style. I am so happy it was still there. I had it bad for this.


That is a sweet desk! If only I had the space...:)

Oh Sherry I love this! I need about 5 desk ... lol ... for each of my hobbies!! I have to shuffle & move stuff all the time. My jewelry & painting share a desk. And my sewing machine, desktop computer & Cricut share another desk! I love it!!!

Very pretty! I would use it as a vanity table, with pretty perfume bottles.

Love the desk you got.
Have one just like it, # REAL Expensive. But found it one day at thrift shop for 40 plus dollars with 25% off 😉
That was a great find!!! Did research to the company and they said it was worth a lot. It is VINTAGED.
Sent them a picture of it
B blessed and keep thrifting!!!

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