Sew Geek Hair Clip

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I am creating and playing with new hair clip designs.

More Odd Duck

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Odd Duck Indie Show

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Can I tell you how I loved being at the Odd Duck Show? This indie show was so much fun. This was the first year of this show. I was impressed with the venue. There was so much amazing light on the second floor. I made sure to snap some photos before people arrived. I tried to upload them to Twitpic, but that was not happening. I need to prep my phone for the next show. I had no idea I would be so busy. I was. I had little Twitter time. I loved seeing my bright colors popping out.

I shall have more photos to share of this show later. I am being still this entire day. I love it. The show was so much fun. I can't wait for next year. Thank you EVERYONE who came out to support us. Thank you for supporting me. I enjoyed seeing all your smiling faces!!

Thrifty Vintage Suitcase

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I needed a small mirror and I saw one at the thrift store the other day. I headed back there today to see if it was still there. It was. Its just the perfect size for my craft booth. While I was there I found 2 matching vintage suitcases in green. They are in great condition. These are smaller than the ones I have been finding lately. I like opening them and seeing the ruffles. I have been really lucky lately with the suitcase finds. I did find 2 red ones the other day. I thought I would never pass up red suitcases. I did. They were not in good shape in the inside. At all. The outside was a little beat up but still nice. I am using them for storage not really display so dingy (icky) insides won't do.
I found a vintage Fire King dish. I have two mugs in this print. I only paid $1.50 for this. I think that is the cheapest I have ever paid for vintage Fire King.

I have listed my Primitive Raggedy Ann Dolls in my Etsy Shoppe. One sold already. Hooray! I love that. Someone really wanted to be her Mommy asap. (Thank you Lauren!) I do also have those patterns I promised to write up. They are in the Etsy Shoppe too.

I have been playing with needle and thread this week. A whole bunch. Times a ticking and I like staying busy until the show is here. But I have another show coming in May so I will just keep on sewing till then too. I am going to do a practice set up later today so I know how I will set up my table at the craft show. I have a few ideas. I am going to have lots of photos of the day of the show. I will be having twitter updates so you can see how the day is going. I will also use my twitpic to upload some photos. I will have lots to share the day after here on my blog. This is the first year for this Indie show. I can tell you there is going to be a bunch of fun vendors there. I saw the list. I want to go shopping. If you have never been to an Indie Craft Show. I totally recommend checking them out. Look in your area. They are popping up all over the place. Some people get mad cause they don't have any near them so they go and start one up. That is what a few of the gals did for this Odd Duck Show I am attending this weekend. So if you can't find one. HAVE ONE!

I invite you to the Odd Duck Show!

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If your in South Florida March 27th, 2010 and looking for a fun craft show to attend. Come and visit this indie show. I will be on the second floor! There is a $5.00 admission fee and the first ones in line get a goodie bag until they run out.

New Raggedy Love

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I am really just popping in to say HI and Look who made it to my Etsy Shoppe. We have our craft show at the end of the week and I am BUSY running around sewing, not making proper dinners and stuff like that. I am writing up these dolls into patterns. I have them ready to go just gotta get some final details and scanning. Hopefully this week they will be ready. I am stuffing dolls like you could not believe. I have dolls all on my mind. It's been a while. It's nice to be back there.

Happy Thrifty Vintage Friday

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There hasn't been a moment free to thrift. Today I had a moment. I am so happy I did. I was able to find some really nice things. Vintage things, that make me smile. Like this little pin. I really adore the print. I found a few linens and a vintage aqua beaded necklace.
I always see lots of these white dishes. I know there are some collectible. I am not sure which ones. I like them vintage or not, if they have the right pattern and are pretty and scalloped like this one is. I am using this in the bedroom. I really have no idea what for. Maybe just to stare at.
I found another vintage Regal Coffee Pot. The green vintage one I had purchased from a thrifty visit has been used up so much its not working correctly. I will keep the wire in case I need it for back up. This one has everything included inside it. (including the wire). I only paid $2.00 for it. I also picked up a vintage tissue holder.
I found a small yellow Pyrex bowl. This one has green floral print on it. It's called the Shenandoah print.
Usually I never find lids for the bottoms of the Pyrex I find. I found a lid with no bottom. HA!
I found this rather large Pyrex bowl. It's the Dots pattern. Hip Hip Hooray! Some of you may know I am a little excited about polk-a-dots. If you did not know, well now you do. I don't like everything in dots. Just some items. The size of the dot is also important. I cleaned this bowl up and put a whole bunch of oranges in it.
I was way too excited when I found this set. At first I only thought I had one. When I made it to the register I noticed there was 2 of them. I love these vintage pillowcases.
I found this full size duvet cover. I love the aqua and blue. I love the vintage print. I am not sure but I do think this was handmade (but I could be wrong). It feels and looks like 2 full size sheets were sewn together and then plastic snaps were added.
I found this set of brightly colors and adorable flower printed sheets. This is going in my Etsy shoppe. There are 2 pillowcases and one twin size flat sheet.
I found one large pillowcase. (king size) Only 1 (sniff, sniff)
Another single pillowcase. I will find you mates, I will I will!
I had fun being thrifty today!

Suitcase full of it!

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I am still sewing. I have finished all the brooches/hair clips. This is how I am going to display them at the craft show. I had a few other ideas in mind but those were taking up half the table. I need to display everything neatly as well as pretty.

I have to decide if I want booths or tables this year at my craft shows I am attending. Usually a table is good for me. Lately I have been into making larger items which requires a large space to show them off.

My Home School research for High School has ended. We have talked about all the avenues we could take. We decided to keep on homeschooling at home during High School and just hire tutors for the subjects we need help in. Like Math. Eww! I must tell you I know yards and inches and can add them but to figure out anything harder than a fraction? Eeek! Thankfully you can hire people to help you. So that is our plan. Take it day by day, lesson by lesson like we have been in Jr. High. My son will have more work and have to work alone more (which is nice for me) but I am sure oh so boring for him. I was sort of freaking out about this all. And it seemed I freaked out for nothing. I know I am giving him the best education he can have. I am teaching him all that I never learned or was lied to in school. (we don't come from monkeys/apes, FYI) I am schooling him on how to prepare for adult life. We are going to cover things that you would only get in real world learning. He will go to the office with my hubby and he will show him how to work in a business office. He will have to answer phones and file papers and work on the computer. I am trying to see if I know someone locally who can get him interested more in baking. He loves to bake. I want him to become a baker. Even if he just likes to do it for fun, I told him that it could be a fun job. Job training is needed for High Schoolers. I am more comfy about my homeschooling than I was 3 years ago. Talk about a mess I was. Its funny how we as home schoolers compare ourselves to schools when really you should not. You should concentrate on your children and their needs. What works for some does not work for all. Everyone is different. I am meeting every need my sons has. I refuse to put myself under the bus again. I won't do it. I have spoken to other home schooling mama's and they all said they felt the same way and then realized, HEY, I am doing the very best for my child!

Eyelet Zippy bags

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I am making a few of these zippy bags for my craft show. The one with the flower is mine. I need a new zippy bag. My change purse is falling apart and it can't be fixed. I am just loving the lace and frills I have been making these past few days. Who knew when my mom gave me that big old box of vintage eyelet trim and lace that I would be doing all this with it. When I first saw the box I was like, ewww lace! Now I am like Ohhhhhhhhh LACE!

My brooches are hair clips

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OK I am not sure how good I am working that new pose everyone seems to be doing lately. I think I need to work on that. (snort) I made these hair clips. But they are also brooches. They are both. I have been really inspired lately with so many thing. Like Lady Gaga. She is up there with that outstanding, and quite loud and making her own statement. I love it. She is totally saying. I am here. I totally get you girl. I get you. I have also been checking out Japanese cosplay. I must say I am really loving that. I can't seem to find enough photos to satisfy me. They are so adorable and cute and the costumes are just fab. It's making me want to make a few. I have also been exploring 1930's maids and what they wore. Everything I am checking out and mixing and matching and its throwing around crazy good inside my head right now. And just for fun. Alice in Wonderland in the mix now too. I have been making cuffs and I don't seem to have as many cuffs as I do these. I think I need to make more. Oh and I found another indie craft show to take part this May. Oh I will spill more info later on where it is. I am going to list it in the corner of the blog so it will be there to remind you as the days will be getting closer and closer for the one at the end of this month! I really should go get all that info and get back to the sewing machine. Oh and ps. I may wear this dress the day of the show. I forgot how cute it is.
(my fierce pose, HA!)
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