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Every single Pyrex piece made it to the new house safely. Hubby's computer desk. Not so lucky. I secretly hated his computer desk. It was so big and awkward. When it broke in the move I tried not to smile about it. I had to use this shelf to put my Pyrex in. This is my former fabric shelf. It would not fit into my sewing room. This book shelf is freaking huge. I plan to get another shelf to show off my Pyrex in. But for now I am keeping there. this shelf makes me look as if I hardly have any Pyrex. My large yellow bowls look so small. I like being able to see my Pyrex everyday. In the smaller house we were renting I had to hide every piece. There was no place to show it off. Now I have this huge shelf. Not to mention an extra empty room this all sits in. I have way more space now in my new rental. I am so excited!!
Gift Card Purchase! I love finding unusual things. This to me screamed unusual. It said on the tag this was for candles. I rather put a plant in there. I have this hanging over my desk in my craft room. I love the way it looks. There is a little door that opens and closes on one side. I never understand why people who say giving someone a gift card is a cop out for a gift. No it's not. I love gift cards. You get to purchase what you like. No better gift than that. Hubby knows I love going to all those stores he does not. Like thrift stores, craft ones and my favorite place to find retro barbies at a clearance price: TUESDAY MORNINGS! I get to find the goodies I like and want and thank him for giving me the gift of SHOPPING. I would LOVE to have found Pyrex under my tree for me. But my man works all day and by the time he gets out there is not a thrifty store open. He is so smart. He said here you go lady. Have a Visa gift card and purchase those next thrifty Pyrex pieces and smile your heart out. Gift Cards ROCK!


Sooo regarding duplicates, how do you decide which pieces to leave behind if you already own it?

You are right! gift cards ROCK!

I got some for Xmas and I can't wait to go shopping! Yippeee!

Merry thrifting :)

Thank goodness your Pyrex made it safely! That is a big shelf, but just think, more room for more Pyrex!! :)

SixBallons- I buy everything I see at the moment if I have it or not. I don't mind have duplicates. Once I get complete sets or too much of something I do plan to sell them at the indie craft shows I vend at. They sell like hotcakes. But I am currently a hoarder and holding tight.

you sound like me - when i first told my mom not to buy certain patterns cause i didn't like them. i can't turn them down, cause they are pyrex and there will never be anything like them ever again!

I am officially jealous of your Pyrex collection!! That is AWESOME!

You even have a piece of Barbed Wire Pyrex.....I'm jealous!!!

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