Sewing, lots of sewing.

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I have been doing lots of sewing since my last post. I have been cutting out doll bodies and sewing then stuffing. Then repeat. I have a show coming in February that I need to prep for. I have an Etsy shop screaming for Primitive Rag dolls. I am going to make a bunch of Valentines and I love you dolls. Maybe some "sweet" ones too.
This was the lake yesterday morning. Creepy huh? It was so foggy out. I am near the everglades so it hung out for a while in our area. I actually loved it. I was humming the music from the movie "The Shining". It was so creepy fun. I was watching and looking out there for a long time waiting to see if I saw any zombies walking out of the lake. Sadly none did.
Everyone is officially settled into the new rental. We are now "home". There is so many upgrades and likes we have about this house. So many things we did not have in the other house. Like a fridge that is quiet and does not sound like I locked the cable guy in the freezer and he wants out. All of the outlets in the house work. Every room was wired for cable/satellite tv. THE LAKE! No possums. Yet something was digging in my trash the other day and I "think" it was a cat. The house is cooler in temperature. I think its cause we are on the lake. There is always so much wind back there. I love that feature. None of us can walk by a window without gazing. There is so much light in the house during the day no light is never needed. Not even when sewing. Ok if its raining then yes I need it. One thing I don't really like is how busy our street is. Lots of people turn down our street and race to the stop sign in effort to try to make a stop light that is next to the stop sign. I am not sure why no one takes the short cut I found. The one with no stop signs or lights. And you don't have to cut through my street to get to it either. It's funny cause I have to wait till they speed on by before I can pull out of my driveway and then I go my way and as I pass by the light, I see them all waiting and I just smile. My mailbox is at the end of the street. So checking the mail during hours when people come to and from work is deadly. And the speed limit is 25 not 60. So riding my bicycle out there has been a little iffy too. Still. LOVE THE HOUSE!


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