Retro Indie Market Craft Show

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The show yesterday was amazing. Thank you all who came out to support us. Thank you for coming to see me. I had no idea so many people would be coming to the show just to see me and my dolls. I sold out of dolls by 1pm. I totally am so thankful. If you came to see me and I was already out of dolls. I am making more dolls. They will be in my Etsy shop for sale. I will make a special order one just for you too. Just send me an email! I will ship the dolly from my house to yours. I am trying to get into another craft show in April. If I don't get in there, the next show will I will be at will be Art Rock in West Palm Beach in May. Click here to see where its located.

I had no idea being in the newspaper would bring so many out. A few ladies traveled 2 hours to come see me. ME!! They wanted them "dolls they saw in the paper". I was shocked and floored and happy and smiling and crying with joy. Thank you Staci from Palm Beach Post. You are amazing. I also want to thank Michelle and Amanda for putting this wonderful show together. Those girls worked really hard. This was by far the largest venue I think I have worked at. All the hard work they put into it totally payed off. EVERYONE was saying how wonderful the place looked. Lots of ladies were wanting to see more of these types of shows. Some of them never been to an indie craft show. They wanted to know when the next one was happening. They want to come back. You girls did it. You totally rocked that place. Bravo!!

They were having a contest for best vintage display, best valentines display and best crafty display. I won best crafty. Oh the day could not have been any better. Seriously I was just a ball of emotions yesterday. My smile was kicked in so overtime. When I got home I will still smiling and could not stop even if my cheeks were so sore.

I will be making more dolls next time. I thought I made enough. You just never know what is going to sell at your craft shows. You never know who is going to fall in love with what. I heard this one lady saying "Everyone down stairs is showing off the dolls they bought from you". Other crafters were coming up to me saying "Lots of people have been looking for you and your dolls". I heard from the customers themselves. "ARE you the lady with the dolls that were in the paper"? STACI!!! Can I really say thank you enough? I have been searching for raggedy doll lovers in South Florida for so long. They found me. THEY FOUND ME! (gushing)

I purchased 2 Pyrex dishes!
This is Polly and Panda's Booth. (i made that cupcake banner)

PS. Octopus are really hot this year. They are all over. I have seen them starting last year. All over on t-shirts, stuffed animals, on hats and now necklaces.

Thanks for coming to the show. We totally LOVE that you came out to support us.
I will be back next year FOR SURE!


CONGRATULATIONS on your awesome success! I wish I lived closer, I would definitely have stopped by. Your booth looked great and so did you!!

Isn't it nice when your hard work pays off?

I love the retro theme.

Happy Valentine's Day!

It wa soo fun and i wad so Happy for you!! Congrats!

Congrats!!! I love your work! I wish I was closer to come to the show! It looked awesome!!!!!

THank you!!!!!

Yes the hard work is so rewarding when it pays off.

Amy I totally love being at the shows with you all. I just cant stand not being able to PLAY!!!

really cool show. your booth looked great and i love your dollies! glad that you had so much success and are feeling more confident in your talent!! the venue looked pretty cool too. hope your little stick buddies sold well. you have to be a sewing machine now to get more dollies made and ready to go!

Hello! I loved all your things at the market. I was lucky to grab the last rag doll. I should have grabbed my favorite when I first saw them though! I posted a few pictures on my blog<3

drea :)

wow..that looks like a great show!

so glad it was a success!

congrats to you, oh my goodness I know you squealed with delight of all the excitment!

Wow Sherry what a great time you had, you totally deserve all that!! Love the photos, I wish I could have been there. Niki xxx

Drea!! I am coming over to peek!! I had no idea the dolls would be gone so fast. I was so light on my feet that day after that. I was dancing inside my head and out. haha!

Yes! That is so thoughtful of you to share the show with those of us stuck home in a snowstorm.
Congratulations on a great successful show. You should see if you can get into the paper before each show, or maybe a tv feature! Maybe you can reserve a doll or two (not for sale) until the last hour of the show, so people can see them and request special orders.

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