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I made a few riding sticks. I was making these into stuffed animals and I messed a little part up on one of the bodies. I then got this awesome idea. So I went with it. I love the retro lambs on sticks. Anyone wanna race?
I am going to try to make one more.
This past weekend we had out Craft Pot Luck meet up. It's so fun to hang out with the girls. Amy is moving so that was our last craft party at her house. I totally said everyone could come here and party. We have room now. LOTS OF ROOM.
Since the craft show is happening soon. We were all busy. Even me. I actually got work done.

NO THIS IS NOT the mama duck from my front porch.
Yesterday my cat was freaking out. Back forth back forth. Room to room. I got up and found out why. I laughed so hard. There seemed to be a million little duckies running around on my back porch. They were running all over eating little bugs caught in spiderwebs and on the floor. They cleaned that patio up. It was so cute watching them. I have no idea where they came from or have been hiding out. I am still waiting for my little friend on the front porch. She is still there. Still snuggling with her eggs.



I love those riding sticks how cool! I bet they sell fast too. xx

Oh wow, those duckies are sooo cute!!! How funny and sweet!

I LOVE your riding sticks. That's a fabulous idea for a toy!!

Good luck at the craft sale!

ahh...that's the cutest!...my cat would be a nut bar too...watching that parade!

How cute! The baby ducks are so cute!! If I ever had anything like that in my yard I would be so excited. We have lizards. I'm not overly excited about them. We do have a few birds but not too many varities.

we have free range chickens and we have babies sometimes too! i can't help it, but when i see all those duckies, i think of all the duckie-poo you will have on your porch and in your yard! our chickens like to eat the outside cat's food. we had a mess on the back porch, so we moved it to the front. that thinned them out some - but the roosters will crow if they come to eat and there is no cat food in the pan! lol but we have the shiniest, prettiest chickens!

i forgot to mention the riding sticks, they are really cute and original. i bet they will sell really well!

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