Baby ducks getting bigger.

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Another duck started laying eggs in the front yard in the very same spot as the other duck. Oh my, here we go again!! This duck actually hangs out in my back yard all the time with the male duck. He is the daddy. Them 2 follow each other around all the the time. He follows her to the nest while she lays and then follows her back to the yard and the lake.
A new family appeared the 3 days ago. So little those ducks are. Like little balls of fluff with feet.

Look how big the OTHER ducks are getting. These are the only ones I see lately. (besides the new family that just showed up). They are getting so big. Like I said, its a tough life on the lake if your a baby ducky. Even at this size they still get snatched. I witness the most horrible attack yet. I cried so hard. My little favorite all brown headed duck. Gone. It was devastating for me. I hate hawks. The yucky mean hawk came down and grabbed him and another duck. He dropped them both. Brown headed little love drowned. The other one made it to shore and was bleeding and limping. I thought he was a goner too. NOPE. He HEALED and is back to running with his crew. I was crying so hard when this happened. I was freaking out kicking and screaming and screaming WHy WHy WHy. You can imagine. Later that day mama duck came by and she saw me in the window in the kitchen. She flew up to the window and stayed on the little ledge. Something she has NEVER done before and has not again. She looked at me for a long time. I was looking at her. Face to face through the glass. I felt this calming inside. I told her, I am so sorry I could not help your baby. She just looked at me as if it was all ok. She has 8 left.
They started peeking into the window like the mama does.

They all snuggle up in the afternoon behind the compost box.
No one can get to them there.


Your story brought tears to my eyes!! How I love your little duckies! The mom knows you're their friends and they feel safe around you.

I would have been kicking and screaming too. We had a nest of sparrows on our porch and this mean blue jay came and attacked the babies and killed two, until I caught him and shooed him away.

We are moving soon and there's a pond behind our property. Maybe we'll see some duckies too!

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