Cake Plate Tutorial

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This is a fun and easy tutorial. You will have to make a trip to the thrift store for most of your crafting supplies on this one. You need to find a plate that you want to turn into a cake stand. I always see these plates that were really popular in the 60's and 70's. (maybe the 80's too?)They are stoneware from Japan. They have several patterns out there. I always see a few here and there and really like the plates. Most of the time I can only find one or three of the same pattern. You can choose any plates you want.
Next head over to the glass section and find a base for your plate. My plates are a little heavy so I made sure to choose a heavy base so they wont topple. I think it would be safe to make all the bases a little heavy. The best ones to use I think are the thick heavy crystal candlesticks. They are so pretty when the light hits them. Which you really can't see in my photos. (it's been raining for 2 days so I am unable to get that amazing South Florida light in my photos) Remember when you are at the thrift store choosing your base to make sure its flat and smooth on the part you plan to glue to the base. Test them out in the store. Just put the plate on top and move back and forth. Make sure you dont feel it bumpy. Then turn the plate upside down and put the base on there and move it back and forth again. You want to make sure it will not wobble. I recommend E6000 glue. Small cocktail classes and icec ream dishes make perfect bases too. Also remember when your at the thrift store, they don't clean the glass so when you get home you must clean it before you glue both pieces. Then you will also see how much your glass will sparkle.

I went a little crazy and made a few for my upcoming craft show.
This was a super fun project. I am not sure what I had more fun in the thrifting or the making.
Let the glue set over night. I would wait 3 to 5 days before using it.

This is a perfect gift idea you can make for Mom on Mother's day.

I am so keeping a few. They look really good with Pyrex.


Super cool idea girl! LOVE THEM!


Thanks so much. I will be trying this out. Looks like fun.

what a great idea and so pretty.
I love the clear glass base. what a wonderful gift to anyone who likes to bake..
No thrift stores in my area and I would so love to find a good one.


i really love these!! i did something similar recently only i used clear glass plates that had ridges and grooved edges. i'm going to thrift for some plates and do your style next. thanks for sharing!!

What a fantastic idea! Ok, I was at the thrift store yesterday, but I think I'll stop by again today and see what I can come up with!!! Very clever.

What a genius idea! I am going to make an abundance of these. Thanks for the tutorial.

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