I found my basket!

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I have been looking all over for a basket to put on my bike.
Not just any basket. It had to be THE basket. I was trying to duplicate a basket I had when I was a child. I found one on Ebay right here. It's not really the same one I had as a child but close to it. I found this basket at a thrift store. I paid one dollar for it. I used vintage sheets from my stash to make the flowers.
I sewed up some straps and put Velcro on them. I can remove the straps from the basket and use it to go shopping with. I just wanted a simple basket to hold my phone and keys when I go for a bike ride. Maybe my Flip video camera too.
Once a year there is a craft show that happens down the street from me. Since I moved I am now closer to that park they hold the show at. You can not drive down the streets when this show is on for 2 days. I am totally set when the show happens. It will be a while before December comes, but I am ready. I also found a long white basket that fits on the back of my bike. That will need bungee cords to keep in place. I paid 50 cents for that one. Its way bigger and made from metal. Go figure. I am using it right now to hold all my vintage mystery novels that I just purchased for 10 cents each. They are old books and hopefully worth the read. I love a good book. Mystery ones are my favorite.

I have been reading all about once a month cooking and once a week cooking. I am really interested. It sounds like a bunch of work for one or two days and then lots of free time later on. I cook 6 days a week. Sometimes just 5. I would love to get a head start. Summer is coming and I really am not interested in turning that oven on. At all.


LOVE the basket!! Its perfect! I'm gotting my bike at the end of the month, maybe I will get lucky and find a basket too :) Sorry for being a copycat LOL

YOU have to buy this bike!! They are only going to offer it for a limited amount of time I am sure. I am so happy your getting one!!

It's the prettiest bike, all pink and girly girl and what not, and your basket with the flowers is the perfect finishing touch!!

awesome basket! love it! lucky girl!!!

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