New Hair Clip Creations

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I have been making hair clips for my upcoming show. I also started cutting out more doll bodies. I have a side project I am working on that needs to get full attention soon. Here is that other basket I told you I found. The books too. I made a few feather clips. I have even more to get done. I am trying to make a variety of them.
This one just has tulle with lace and pearls. And you can't see the pearls. Wonderful.
And if you haven't heard. The bird is the word.
You ain't crafting till you put a bird on it. I am laughing so hard at this video.

Want to know how I made this cute hair clip? I used the same pattern for making the petals from my hair clip pattern over here. I just needed 2 petals. I then took some scrap lace I had laying around. I wrapped the lace around my finger 2 times, kind of tight and the pulled it off my finger and held the bottom tight so it bunched and just sewed the bunched area. You can use your machine to get it done faster or sew by hand. I then took 4 glass pearls (found at my craft store in the bead section) and sewed them in place in the center of the lace flower. I then sewed the 2 petals on. I used felt and cut a small circle and hot glued it to the back of the flower. All the seams are hidden now and what I call the ugly side. Then take a clip (like the ones here) and another piece of circle felt the same size as the first one. Take your hair clip and clip the loose felt circle. Your clip should be holding the felt circle. Now hot glue gun the circle and the hair clip. Get a bunch on. Then quickly put it on the already glued circle. Hold in place pressing down all the areas and it will seal nice and quickly. You can start wearing this hair clip as soon as your glue dries which is less than 2 mins.


hi! you are my inspiration to get back to accessories, crafts and other girl thing! doing some handmade stuff. ... im into baking and sugar arts for can visit my new blog since im a newbiew

Love the one with the tulle, lace and pearls!! So Cute!

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