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But first let me show which cake plates I am keeping for myself. I am using the small blue floral one in the guest bathroom for soaps. The 2 are the right that I stacked, those are going to used for food in the kitchen and at parties. the one in the back is going into my bedroom. I plan on putting my watch and jewelry on it. Wait maybe some perfume bottles. Oh my there are so many uses you can do with them. I love how they look.

It still a little rainy around here but I did manage to sneak a photo of what my room looks like when the sun starts to peek through. These are my window treatments. I took some of vintage thrifted linens and clipped my vintage plastic colorful clothes pins and boom instant window treatments. I am going to change them often to keep the look fresh. I always find vintage linens. Sometimes just one. I find this to be calming when I enter my room and charming. VERY.
I found a set of pretty pink pillowcases. They are so sweet looking. I just love the aqua in them.
I found 2 sets of these pink floral vintage pillowcases. One to keep in my stash and one to list on Etsy.
I found a single flower power vintage pillowcase.
It has been a while since I found any fabric at the thrift store worth taking home. This one has about 2 1/2 yards.
I thought this was a pillowcase until I opened it. It's an oval vintage tablecloth.
Look at the pretty red flowers that POP out.


Hi Sherry, check out my blog, I had a couple of ducks stop by in my backyard yesterday and I linked it to your duck posting. Have a great day!

Very pretty. Spring makes us all want to incorporate florals all over the hosue.

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