Art Rock 2011 was Amazing!

anniescupboards 1 1:20 PM
I loved her creations so much!

My creations just pop with color. I love that.

Art Rock was so much fun this year. Even if I forgot my Annie's Cupboards sign at home. I want to thank you for coming out to the show. It means a great deal to us to have your support. I sold lots of dolls! I have the urge to make all new creations. I am going to list bunch of my craft show goodies on Etsy this week. I am making all new items for Stitch Rock. It shall be the 5th year of Stitch Rock. They will have having a celebration! You can find out more information on their site and facebook page.

You can find Sara in facebook here and on flickr over here. She makes the cutest creations, right? Oh I adore them so much.

I am terrible because I did not get everyone's name and card. I was alone at my booth and I wanted to quickly take photos before the show started.

This is Jenn from Clay Curisities. She makes fabulous creations from clay. I was impressed with all the clay artists this year. I love pottery and clay creations. There were several pottery artist there. I would love to see them sculpt in person.
Of course I brought the tripod! I love coming to this event. I like the Armory Art Center. Its a wonderful place. Take a peek over here to find more information about them. I see a few photos taken from my booth last year over there on their site. (Awesome) If I lived closer I would be taking art classes. I would love to learn new ways of creating art. My heart just craves and yearns for it all the time.

Amanda and me! She is the one who put this show on. Thank you so much Amanda! There were some really great artists to be around this year. I loved being able to jump inside everyone's head and seeing their creations. Art is truly amazing. It feeds my soul.

Michelle from Family Vintage.
Tiffany looks busy.

This is JR Linton. His painting are just amazing in detail. He is very talented. You can find more of his work here.

I want everything is Danny's!!

You can find Family Vintage on Facebook right here! Michelle is going on fabulously fun trip of thrifting and vintage shopping for the next few months in a few different states. You can keep tabs on her and her finds on facebook. She is such a sweet gal. If you know of any places she should be shopping give her a shout on her wall. She will drop by if she is in the area. See sells vintage on Ebay and locally and privately. She is living this fabulous life I would just kill for. I am so happy someone is out there enjoying every single bit of it. Thrifting and fashion and oh my gosh CAN YOU IMAGINE the Pyrex I would find in other states? I am just going to let my imagination go wild. I am so jealous Michelle. LIVE it up for me too while your out there. (ps I made that Family Vintage banner. It's cute right? All with the best vintage sheets to match her vintage booth)

There was so much to do before the show and after the show. I am finally all caught up with everything. I am really excited about having the next few months off of no shows. I will shop them. I just wont vendor. I do not want to burn myself out. I want to take it nice and easy and relax and do some personal sewing. I am going to take some Barbies out of their boxes. I have a bike that is ready and waiting to go on adventures this summer. What plans do you have?

If you missed Art Rock this year. Have no fear. Next year come on out. Vendor or shop.
Find out here.


WOW! This is great... looks like everyone is having a really great time.
Thank you for sharing your photos.
Love seeing all the arts & crafts.
So much creativity, very inspiring :]

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