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I finished this custom order doll house this week. Isn't it adorable? I had so much fun making everything. I love the colors that were chosen. Pink and grey are one of my all time favorite color combos. They look so wonderful together.
I made a little fur rug in this one. How cute. Really it's just a scrap piece of faux fur I had laying around from craft show creations. I save all my scraps. You never know what can come in handy. I go crazy with saving them scraps of fabric that every 2 years I go through them and if I am finished with seeing and using them, I pass them off to friends who make quilts. Once I locally had a yard sale and some lady was shopping my yard haha and she asks, do you have any fabric scraps? Well little did she know she asked the right person. I was like, WHY YES I DO. I brought out an entire box full of fabrics and scraps that I had already prepped for donating. I said here you go. She gave me 10 bucks. I was like no take it. She left the 10 bucks and was smiling and said oh my gosh you made my day. She paid me to take it off my hands. I was happy. She was happy. I donated several yards of fabric in that box that I just don't use in my crafts. My friends all think (and i love them for that *smooches*) of me when they see someone giving away fabric so I end up with a some AWESOME and not so awesome in my eyes fabrics. thank goodness for different tastes and crafts cause my won't use is someone's must have.
This is a vintage linen? I am not sure. It's a table cloth that seems to be able to fit a card table.
I do like the print.
I found a turquoise hard shell vintage train suitcase.
It's Perfect!

I found this large Pyrex bowl. It's the same size as the large yellow bowl in the primary set. $3.00 was all it cost. Sweet.
I mixed this glass tea cup and saucer in here to show off the color more. I need to dust. Eek
Say Hi to the baby ducks. YES those are the babies! Look how they have grown.
Look at all the colors that are coming in. Awwwww.
They are so cute and still peep at me.

Ps. I was totally watching the Royal Wedding this morning. I really loved seeing everything. It was amazing. I loved the hats. her dress was SO AMAZING!


i was just loving all the pics and your story and then there are those baby ducks!!! they are so cute and i bet they will always remember you as their duck sitter chasing away mean creatures trying to get them! lol

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