Repurposed Vintage Bed Sheet

anniescupboards 4 2:15 PM
It has been a while since I played with vintage sheets.
Oh I have been getting lots of ideas.

Today I took a few hours to dive into a project that has
been floating in my head.
I took a vintage bed sheet and
turned it into a skirt.

My slip is sticking out underneath.
I personally like it when that happens.
I just sewed a black elastic waistband to the skirt. It stretches out a bit.
The skirt is a little big on me. When I move you can notice it a whole bunch.
I did not make this skirt for me.
I have another one I am going to make and then off they go to
Stitch Rock for sale (in October). I am going to be there vending
and helping to celebrate Stitch Rock's 5th Birthday.
I am going to be offering a whole bunch of new creations at my booth.

YES a booth.
I usually do a table remember?
No more. I am no longer on the second floor. I am on the first floor.
The pockets actually are pockets.
The aqua layer of fabric is actually a vintage linen napkin.
It is sewn into the waistband/skirt. I love how it looks apron-ish.
Hello 3rd blue bowl of the summer. Seriously? Yes I did. I found another.
I can't believe it either. This is the Summer of Blue Bowls.
I love you thrifted Pyrex finds!
I finally found a small (child's?) vintage suitcase. I have been looking for one.
I have this project I am anxious to do.
The inside is all pretty and blue and satin.
I can't wait to show you!


This is absolutely adorable! ::goes to dig through vintage sheet collection::

Very cute!! Also that blue Pyrex bowl is very cute!!

How gorgeous is your vintage suitcase!

Loving the vintage floral design - fab idea. Reminds me of original Blythe material patterns to :D
How could anyone not resist the blue bowl - Turquoise <3

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