Completed My Vintage Garfield Mug Set

anniescupboards 2 3:44 PM
Yes, I know. We had this talk.
No more suitcases.
I mean you try walking by this case with a $2 price tag.
Let's see how far you walk away too.

This inside is like brand new. I really don't think this got used much.
This green train case suitcase is a hard plastic.
It has a padded top that can be removed by snaps.
I am not sure why you would want to remove it. I found PYREX! A cute dish too. This is called the Verde pattern.Look how amazing. I found vintage bed sheets in the package still.
I got lucky a while back and found some cute
ones here remember these?
I am going to list too on Etsy.
They are twin size fitted sheets.
I found this piece of Vintage Art.
It says it was framed locally in a city near me on the back.
It's very 1960's.
Maybe a dip into the 70's.
I am trying to find a place for it in the house.
I am not sure it fits. I may sell this lovely piece.

I found this vintage sewing basket.
It is not that big but not too small.
I love the colors.
I found this pattern at Joann Fabrics.
They were having a sale last week
for 1.99 for any simplicity pattern.
I chose this one.
1988 GI Joe Thermos. It hardly looks used. I wished the box was there.
I found another of these Avon vintage lotion glass containers.
They came with lotion and in them
and then you use them as a soap dispenser.
The one on the left was the first find.
The new one had left over lotion from 1980.
I about passed out when I cleaned it out.

I had these sheets as a kid.
I was so excited when I saw them in the thrift store.
This was a blanket. I left it there.
I found 2 domes. I have been wanting them for my small cake plates.
The blue one will only fit one cupcake under it.
They need a bath. They are so dirty.
COMPLETED SET! I am so happy.
Another set I have been working on was completed this summer.
I have been looking all over for the 1980's Garfield mugs
from McDonald's for the last 2 years. I finally found the last mug this week.
Look how many were on the thrift store shelf!
I also completed a set for my younger sister
who was totally eying them last time she was here.
I am going to gift them to her for her Birthday this year.


Omg! Girlie you found quite some motherlode! I'm so jealous!!!!

I had the same sheet set as well (with the cats).

Too bad you didn't find vintage full size sheets, I would have been all over them in a jiffy!

I'm so glad you completed your garfield mug set; it must be quite satisfying.

Be well my thrifty friend :)

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