I have always been a thrifty girl.

anniescupboards Reply 1:01 PM
I found 4 Pyrex Spring Blossom tall mugs.
They are so adorable.
I now have all 3 styles of this pattern.
That means I will not collect it anymore.
Mugs can go crazy outta of control fast in collecting.
They take up so much room too. I have to stack my other
mugs. I am unable to stack these.
I put them in my Pyrex Shelf.
I can fit these in my Keurig too. I just have to take the metal plate out.
The handles look like heart shapes? Right?

Oh completely unrelated. I can't stop saying the word:
But shove it all together and make one word of it.
I love made up words and this one is so fun to say.
Go ahead. Try it.

I found these vintage Pyrex plates. FINALLY!
I have been looking for them.
I check the plates all the time.
They usually have the small ones for salads
and the tea cup sizes. I have those.
I see those all the time.
Finally I found the large plates.
They were not all scratched up either.
I have seen one or 2 in the past and they were in horrible shape.
I have a set of four.
I was so excited about them I washed them and
put them in the cupboard already.
I want to eat on them tonight.

I found this square tablecloth.
It is totally cute and vintage.
It looks to be handmade.
I love the handmade ones.
The inside feels like a sheet, kinda.
The outside feels like felt, kinda.

I think it saying use me at Christmas time please. You hear it?

I found another frame.
It is screaming "make me over".

I have always been a thrifty girl.
My mother used to go to thrift stores all the time with me.
My grandparents owned an antique shop in their local town.
I have always been around vintage.
Only in my 20's did I wake up to the vintage love.
I was like Oh boy. HOOKED. But I loved really old old vintage.
I was addicted to anything from and in the 1800's.
I still am.
I have lots of Era's that I adore.
I can never choose just one.

Each Era always has something exciting about it.
The fashion, the kitchen.
Styles and colors.
The way items were made.
The precious care and ornate features.
Thrift stores are like walking back in time.
Not to mention way cheaper than an antique store.
Go and seek your little gems and enjoy them while you can.

Don't forget the yard sales and Church sales.
Happy Seeking!

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