Vintage Bed Sheet Dress

anniescupboards 6 6:48 PM

I made this dress today.
I used a vintage pattern for the top part.
I then used my skirt pattern for the bottom.
Combine the two and Oh baby.

It did not take long to make this dress either.
I was pretty happy with that.
I used one twin size fitted sheet.
The dress is so CUTE!
I am prolly going to wear this to Stitch Rock.
I wanted to make this dress but using
Raggedy Ann and Andy sheet.
I haven't found a sheet that I like.
I get nervous to buy them online cause I am not sure
how see thru the sheets are. I like to investigate
the sheets to see if there are any holes, stains or faded spots.
Having any of those on a dress is not pretty.
Faded makes it see thru.
I pass up faded sheets all the time.
I get so mad too. Cause the print is fabulous.

I think I have to make more of these!


Love it. Its fabulous. I just wish I could make something as cute as that for myself and have it actually fit.

Its gorgeous! Well done on bed sheet re-purposing, I'm all about that too!

what a neat idea! love it! & it is so you!

It is totally cute!!!! YAY! I have this aversion to "patterns" which somehow results in my sewing projects "not working". LOL!!! But I got sheets for this purpose and I still have them!!! Maybe one day I will figure out how to sew....

Oh so cute...........I'm currently making a few "frocks" from vintage sheets too!!! So much fun x

I LOVE this dress! I am completely obsessed with clothing from bed linens. to date I have made probably 6 dresses from sheets and old duvets. If you could post the pattern that you used i'm be in heaven!

Meanwhile, here is my favorite dress from a bed sheet. I used old yoga pants to make the top.

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