Vintage Yellow Daisy Pyrex

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I am going to admit I have been really lucky lately.
Sometimes it is like that when you go thrifting.
You never know what your going to find.
For a while I was not finding anything to take home.
I have been scouring the stores for sheets.
I am needing just a few more vintage bed sheets to complete
my craft show stock. I need to get to making. I have been
making but I need to get to more making.

Ok, so I found this rather large yellow daisy
vintage Pyrex casserole dish.
It is so pretty and bright.
I needs a cleaning on the inside but its rather gleaming.
Which leads to smiling.
This is so pretty. Wait. I said that. I can't stop saying it.
This is my first piece of the yellow daisy.
I am so happy it was not expensive.
I bought it at the store that likes to make millions off you.
Ok, not really. THAT Store.

I met my friend Tiffany and her adorable little girl Ava for
a quick trip to a thrift store she found that we had no idea it existed.
I found this divided black snowflake Pyrex dish.
Yep. I adore this one too!
Oh and I been had that suitcase they both were sitting on.
However the one below? I have no idea about that
rule I hear you keep saying to me I made up.
What? When? Don't buy anymore suitcases?

SO I found this cute little suitcase. It's not the small small one.
But it's small.

Also nice and clean inside. I have a few projects I am working on for these.
I just hope I get them done. I keep talking a lot about them
to myself and in my head I see exactly what I want to do.
I just have not even started. At all.
So many projects so little time.
I have that show Oct. 1. I need to get to moving.

I found these vintage linens.
I think the 1987 calendar will be an apron of some sort.
I do love the "emily" towel the most.
Those napkins hiding on the left.
I have 4 of those.
No plans for them. Just had to have them.
I think they would be fabulous on my linen window treatments
in my craft room.


Thanks for sharing. I love reading your blog and seeing the cool vintage things you find. I use your blog as inspiration for my own. I too love all things vintage, pyrex, sewing and crafting as well. Have a great Sunday. (adayinthelife)

My mother has had those daisy dishes as long as I can remember and still uses them!

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