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I forgot to show you some of my goodies from Stitch Rock 2011.
I just can't express the love for that pink beaded purse!

The other day I found this plate / dish warmer in a thrifty store.
Usually I see the oblong ones or square ones that take up so much counter space.
Actually it's called a Warm-O-Tray.
You can see a vintage one with the box right here on Ebay.
They are for the Party Hostess.
Which screams, ME!
Next crafty party my dip can stay heated and I am so excited!
I picked this up for 4 bucks. I will be testing it out at the next party.

I was in one of my favorite antique stores the other day
and this vintage suitcase display caught my eye.
It is fabulous.
Awesome way to repurpose suitcases.
Sometimes I see those stained up suitcases and wonder what
could be done with them.
This is perfect.
You will never see the inside.

All summer I have been finding yards of vintage fabric at the thrift store!

Boiled Peanuts!!
I do love me some boiled peanuts.
I am unable to eat peanuts.
Peanuts are not a nut.
They are legume. A BEAN!
I am unable to eat beans to do to my tummy problems.
However, I can eat the peanuts boiled and have
no suffering side effects. I make sure to have a serving size.
Do you know how healthy BOILED peanuts are for you?
I made mine in the crock pot. It took me two days. I like mine soft.
Want to learn how to cook them?
Go to foodgawker and type boiled peanuts in.
There are several ways you can make them.
Canjun ones are amazing. But not too spicy if your making them for me!!

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