DIY Christmas Vase

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This morning I had this idea to make a Christmas vase.
Not for flowers. I wanted to use the vase to put pretty things inside of it.
So while I went there to get the supplies needed for this, I found a few
other goodies as well. I found this little milk glass vase. It is half of the size
of the others I have been finding. So cute! I also found a little
lamb that wanted to come home with me.

These 2 vintage Pyrex Dishes.
Spring Blossom.

I found these 2 white deer. They are perfect.
I was shocked they were not roughed up.
I found the clear vase. I had a hard time picking out
which style I wanted. They have a zillion of them at the thrift
store. So many clear glass ones in different shapes and some with etching
of a pattern all around them. I finally chose two that were just plain clear.
I want to show off my vintage ornies I found several years ago.
I thought this would be pretty. Then I decided right there in
the store that it could be even better if I glued a bottom to it.
Make the vase even taller. So I quickly ran around to the other
side of the thrifty rack where they keep the candlesticks and wine glasses
and what not. They have so many of those to choose from too.

I finally decided to work with this sugar bowl.
It is nice and sturdy and pretty.
I did manage to find another vase half the
size of the large one so I grabbed that too.
I matched that up with a small vase.
I used E-6000 Glue.

The candle stick was just too high.

Now to wait for them to set.


Hey Sherry, What a wonderful idea! I love those old ornaments and they look so pretty displayed that way. I think I will have to do that when I find some. I keep seeing them listed in Etsy shops but haven't spotted any in the thrift shops here yet. Keeping my eye out :) That Pyrex is gorgeous too. Niki x

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