Thrifty November Afternoon

anniescupboards Reply 4:41 PM

I went on a thrifty speed race hunt today. I am busy with a sewing order
and I have a gift I am making and really no time to go anywhere. Lucky
my friend called and forced me out cause she left a cake stand here.
I met up with her really fast and so glad I did!

I found this 4 quart Vintage Aqua Pyrex Bowl.
2 Flower Power Fun Pillowcases.

I found this mixture of glass thrifty goodness.
The canning jar is for my crafty supplies.
I found another Vintage Spring Blossom Pyrex Pitcher.
I will be selling this one in Etsy.
I have been having this think for Milk Glass lately.
I can not afford the real stuff, unless it's found thrifted.
I have been collecting some faux pieces here and there.
I am going to put up a small display with them soon.

I have been collecting the vases for a craft show project.
I have a really creative idea for them.
I just hope it turns out. I will show them off if it works.

My friend told me back in the day everyone used to throw these
white milk glass vases out!! What??

I am SOoooo excited over this find.
One flat twin size vintage Ghost Busters bed sheet!
In wonderful condition.

There was a craft show over the weekend and I was unable to attend.
I had my friend pick me some jam up from my favorite seller!
I wish I could have gone.
I was helping a friend out.

When my friend Amanda came over for the Fall gathering party,
she brought a few pieces of Vintage Woodland Pyrex over for me!!
I have a complete set now thanks to her. I only had one of these bowls.
She brought over all 3. She is super AWESOME!
These are perfect and just in time for Thanksgiving.

This white milk glass goblet is perfect for my display!

Small vintage Pyrex Shenandoah bowl. (from Amanda as well, XOXO)

Weeeeee you see how hooked I am?
I am finding lots of pieces in this faux Milk Glass.
These are being kept with my Pyrex. They
look fabulous with them! I hope I get some flowers soon
so I can show them off.

2 vintage Yellow Pillowcases

2 Vintage scarves. One of them is a Vera!!

Two Vintage Vera Pillowcases.
These will be going into my Etsy shop.

1 Flat twin Vintage Star Wars bed sheet.
This is the red one. I have seen the blue.
Never the red. NEVER LOCALLY until now.
This one is from 1983.
It has Ewoks on the sheet!!!
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