Happy New Year!!

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I took all the Christmas decor down yesterday.
It is always sad to see it go away.
Everyone who loves to decorate knows the feeling.

This year I vow to decorate my buffet table often.
I want to show off little vintage displays.
I have quite a few pieces that look
so pretty together. Finally I have more than just Pyrex to show off.
I gathered all the cake plates I made last year
and put all the tarts and candles inside of them.
I was trying to go for a little bakery Valentines display.
Once I get it finished I will show it off.

Go to your local thrifty stores and go often.
Check to see what they have and what goes with your style.
Always think outside the box. Repurpose things.
No one says a trunk has to hold stuff. It can be a table.
A night stand can be a side table next to the sofa.
There are no rules in decor. Make your home you.
It may take some time to put a collection together or even a room.
But keep going. Keep your eyes open.

I decided to keep the vases out that I made for my Christmas decor.
I am not sure what to put in them yet. So this side of the buffet table looks
a little empty. I need some fillers. Hmmmm...

My sister and I has a huge feast. Crabs and shrimp.
I was kind of vague in telling you about finding my sister.
I realize this now.
It has been a whirlwind of days and I feel as if I am just
now catching up and getting my breath back.
My sister has been living at her current address for the last 5 years.
She does not drive.
She needed to renew her license since it was a year expired already.
I have been trying to find her all this time. (almost 9 years)
This past Dec.1 my oldest son was like lets try looking for her again.
My younger sister who lives here locally, my son and me all try every month
to dig and see what we can come up with.
Nov. 28. is my oldest sister's Birthday. She renewed her drivers license
on her Birthday. When she did she updated all her information.
In the state of Florida the DMV will let anyone search their Public records.
My younger sis is the one who found her by plugging in her info.
Up popped her full name and address.
I just had to drive over, knock on the door.
I did. I was greeted by her roommate who told me she was not home
from work yet and that he would call me to tell me when she got home.
Her roommate is a friend we grew up with but I lost touch with
when my sister and I moved away from as young adults.
He said he recommends telling her before I surprise her cause
she is a little on the nervous side. And that she is.
Christmas day me and my other sis got to hang out with older sis and
we were just smiling and giggling all day. It was fun.
She is a quiet person and I am completely opposite.
I am the tallest sister.
I am the girliest sister.
I am noticing lots of things about me and them.
Haha Sisters!! I am so happy I know
where all my sisters are now.

New year new Sketch book.
I started doodling already.

My friend traded me some yummy tarts.
I just LOVEEE everything.
I love bakery scents and fruit scent and florals.

I wishing you all a HAPPY and the BEST 2012!


Happy New Year to you too, there are no rules for decorating, always do what makes you happy, some things make sense or ryme but if they make me smile , it's good enough for me LOL

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