Vintage Amber Glass Cups

anniescupboards Reply 8:48 AM
I have been using a filter for my camera on my iPhone
to get these photos to look vintage like.

I am not an amber collector.
I had to buy these 3 pieces.
They are ice cream cups?
I have an idea to do something crafty with them.
Or keep them as is and put them in the kitchen cabinet.
Not sure.

I have been really good on passing up Pyrex lately.
You would be so proud of me. I
am not collecting or buying any of the ones
I already have and or do not like. I found some and walked
on by. It helped they were all scratched up.
I found these two Vintage Pyrex dishes.
The Spring Blossom Aqua Butterprint.
I like Butterprint cause it has the balloons.

I found these unique Milk Glass pieces.
Ok, faux pieces. But you know,
same thing to me. I wish to find real.
I love unique pieces. These are
on display at on Buffet table already.
I am done collecting vases. I need a few
other pieces for seasonal decor. I would love to display
Easter in Milk Glass. I am working on a Valentines display now.
I have some searching to do. I have a box of decor missing
in the garage. Oh and I threw my back out 2 days ago.
So I really want to go look. I am lucky enough to actually get in
a sitting position yesterday so I won't push it.
Its back to doing Pilates 2 to 3 times a week.
My lower back gets so much pressure on it.
You rest you rust.

I am sewing!! I have a few dolls coming out soon. I want to get
a few things put into my Etsy store as well. There should be
some new goodies in that store of mine very soon!!
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