Mini Raggedy Ann doll

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So there has been a whole bunch of items I have not shown you.
I am really bad at blogging while crafting and prepping for a show.
So I owe these photos to you.

I made these Barbie Statement Necklaces.
They are inspired from my
love of vintage retro Barbies.
The "frames" are actually pins/brooches.
You can take it off and wear it by itself and
if you have another brooch you can place it on the heart
and wear that as your statement necklace.
I am putting some in my Etsy shop.

I made these little Raggedy Ann dolls.

I am making this dolly into a pattern.
I made six of these dolls for my craft show and they
all sold. I thought I shown them off here. I guess I did not. I just reviewed
my past posts and I am not seeing them.
I get so busy with craft show crunch time.

I shall be making some for my Etsy Shop.
These dolls are 10 inches tall.
They have small everything. They are cute!!

I made a bunch of hair clips.
I need to make more of my recycled linen hair clips. I have 2 left.

I did make some brooches. I did not want to make them all
into necklaces.

I made a few rings too. I sold a bunch of the bow rings.

The other day I was watching tv (everybody loves raymond)
and look what I spied on the microwave.
Vintage Pyrex!!


Watch the background in that house and you'll spy so much neat vintage stuff! I believe the plates they used at a Thanksgiving dinner were "Blue Heaven" and neat old atomic age pattern.

I love everything you make! Love the Barbie brooches!

Are you going to put some of the Barbie brooches on Etsy?

YES YES I will put some Barbie Brooches on Etsy!!

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