Pyrex Gooseberry Set Completed

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I finally completed my Vintage Gooseberry Pyrex Cinderella Bowls.
I have 3 of the larger yellow bowls in my Pyrex collection. I just need
to pick out the best one and display and use this set often.
When I walked into the thrift store, they had the whole set
there. Even the large bowl. I passed on that large 4 quart bowl since I have
3 already at home. I am still sticking to my buy only what you
need. I always say in my head oh you can sell it online or locally.
But that never happens. I am too lazy to lug any heavy Pyrex to my
craft shows. I also want to keep it once it crosses my front door
no matter how many I have.

The possibilities of not knowing what you are about to find
is just simply amazing for a thrifter like me. This thrift
store was just messy and needed careful eyes.

You have to get in there and move stuff around and hunt.

What I like to call, the ugly Pyrex.
I know some like this and have to have it.
For me. Nope. Pass. Very easy for me to pass.
I am and was laughing at that $15.00 thrift store price tag.
This one is a 4 quart.

Some people love and collect all Pyrex. I do not.
I left it there for the person who does!!

They wanted 10.00 for this Ivy Pyrex 4 quart bowl.
I was like ehh. So it stayed there.
Pretty, but not my type of Pyrex pattern.

I found this Hamilton Beach milkshake maker for 6 bucks.
It is not vintage.
It is the reproduction one.
But it looks vintage.
And it works. So of course I bought it.

I found a fat quarter of the yellow vintage feed sack fabric
and just a little square of the red.

I found 3 vintage utensils.
I am smitten over the fun retro graphics.

I found both of these vintage hand mixers in the same store.
I paid 1.50 for each of them. I love them.

I found this Spring blossom Split divided bowl with lid.
Perfect condition too.
I also found a small green child size suitcase.
I have restrained myself from buying suitcases.
These ones are easy to use and I have remake
plans. I just need a few more. I am patient.
I will find more.

I found two vintage hankies and a Vintage Vera green Color block scarf.

I has been a while since I thrifted. I was happy to find some
really wonderful treasures. Get out there and thrift!
Be patient. Keep going.


Great haul! I too am now passing on the "ugly" pyrex! That brown pattern is one of them for me too, lol. Love the Vera scarves.

Still neater than some thrifts I shop at! Great finds, ugly pyrex!-Very cool. I have the smallest bowl in that pattern. I'll collect any pattern as long as it's that smallest size. I've replaced all my cereal bowls with them! ~Trudy

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