Thrifty Tuesday afternoon

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 I found this Big Yellow Vintage Pyrex bowl.
It is the most perfect bowl I have seen since thrifting
them. This one is like shiny and new as if it came out of the box.
I quickly grabbed it and got ever so happy.
No scratches, no rub or fade marks and just shiny all over.
Of course I have this. I have several of them.
None in this wonderful condition.

 $15.00 for a Vintage toy Singer Sewing Machine.
No thank you. There was no power cord. 
The battery area was completely rusted.
It is still cute and perfect for a display. I can imagine paying this
kind of money at an antique store but not a thrift store.
Plus they wrote on it in black marker. Fail.

 This store does not sell used furniture yet they display it.

 I wanted that middle sewing dummy. All perfect for my crafty room.

I found all this extra muslin when cleaning up 
all those fabric boxes. I have lots of stuff to make with this.
I am pretty happy about finding it all. I was almost
headed to the store to buy more muslin.
I can begin sewing instead.


oh man, muslin us just my favorite fabric. it's just so good for everything. and best thing to get out that black sharpie is a little baking soda made into a paste with water. just rub lightly. you end up having t do the whole thing of course, cause it's dirtier than you thought...

great bowl! i have that one in the smallest size!

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