I made homemade bread in a machine.

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I bought a bread maker at the thrift store.
I have been checking them out lately.
So many are donated all dirty and icky.
GOOD LUCK if you find one with a manual too.
The store I bought it at had a "tested and works" sticker on it.
I read everything there was to find out
in Google about bread making machines.
I read the comments from lots of people saying
using a bread maker isn't really making homemade bread.
I have to disagree. It is. I used to buy mine from the bakery dept.
I now will be making it at home. I call that homemade.
I am sure there is lots of debate
on if your hands get dirty or not.
But let us agree that it is homemade bread.

I love the fact I can just dump all the ingredients in
and walk away and fresh bread will be made in 3 hours.
I made Standard White Bread for my first time.
I used King Arthur Bread Flour.

This was the first time using this bread machine or any bread machine for that matter.
I first researched the internet for the manual. There are tons of free manuals
people scan and offer on their blogs. Apparently I am not the only one
who would rather pay $15 dollars for a bread maker than 100.00.
I found my manual and I studied it. They also offered recipes in there.
I used one of them.

In order for your bread to taste good you have to use really good
ingredients for your recipe. So buy really good quality products.
Some of my friends mill their own wheat. (so jealous)
If you go to your local organic store you will find lots of
flours. I found a website HERE that tells you different types of flours
and their uses. That page will come in handy.
I bought a Regal Kitchen Pro.
I read the company is no longer making them or offering service on them.
This bread maker makes some pretty damn perfect bread.
I am happy with my purchase.
I am ready to start making sweet breads and healthy breads.
This is going to be addicting. I may need another one to keep up.


I love my bread machine. You can even make your pizza dough in it for home made pizza. Have fun with it!

Bread looks good!! Thank goodness for technology it makes it so much easier to find info!!

I have 2 bread machines that I got at a thrift store w/manuals. I also found one for a friend. Great condition and work like new! If it's made at home...it's homemade!!

King Aruthur is the best store bought flour you can get. My sister discovered one extra way to kick things up a notch ingredient wise that goes along with only using high quality stuff. Use Unbleached white and wheat flours! As soon as I switched to unbleached (and unbleached organice King Arthur wheat) for making the church eucharistic bread, the entire church could tell! I even have one of my regular bakers swearing I get the stuff in the freezer section that is to die for and just shape it for church! I love our bread machine even though we don't use it as often as I would like. I love making my own rye bread because it doesn't have the seeds in it!! I want to find a recipe for pumpernickle.

The other super important high quality ingredient is GOOD BUTTER! Splurge and get some Irish butter for the hot bread fresh out of the machine...it's just sinfully good!

Thanks for the product placement!! I know it went well with the white bread!

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