Vintage Night Stand Makeover

anniescupboards 3 1:38 PM

I found this vintage nightstand at a local thrift store.
Paid $15 for it. Someone has painted it white.
I am going to repaint it. I first need to strip it.
I want to see what is under the white.

I was just telling hubby how I really wanted
to find a little nightstand that look more like
a bookshelf than a nightstand. 

 Then boom today,
I find this. Pretty Amazing.

I love the curves and the body of it.
Could it be more perfect?
The inside of the draw is a hot ugly mess. 
Just really dirty and I saw cob webs. Meh.
Price you pay for thrifty happiness.

 I found all this Vintage Pyrex today at the thrift store.
I did not buy any of them. They look ok in the photos but when
you see them in person up close, not so much. Faded, dirty 
on the sides you are not seeing and scratched up. If they
didnt have such High price tags I might have bought the little one
in the right hand corner. I do love the Autumn Harvest.
The inside was like someone took a blue marker
and baked it into it. It has this blue faded color
all inside. I am not even sure how that could happen.

 Good thing I passed those up. 
I had these waiting for me at the next store.
I have to tell you the red vintage bowl is not in
the best shape. I paid $1.oo for it. It has faded
spots all over. It will be the cats new water dish.

 I am not sure why I bought this.
I want to do something with it.
It went on a lamp.
It is not real milk glass.
I do love the bumpy texture of it.

 How fabulous is this vintage owl glass I found?
I am excited to add another glass to my vintage collection.
It has three owls on the glass.

 Speaking of Owls. I found this bell with a pair.

When you see Pyrex I do not buy.
Keep in mind these are the reasons why.
I am at a thrift store and I have to suffer with
these kind of prices on this kind of Pyrex. 


Can't wait to see your night stand all finished!!

such a perfect blog honey =)

Seriously? $9.99 for that faded bowl? Woah! I usually pass all the faded stuff too now. I only buy mint, especially if I'm going to pay these prices.

Love your nightstand!

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