DIY Jean Shorts Tips

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First you need to go to the thrift store and try on
jeans. A whole bunch of jeans. Try all different sizes
colors and styles. Once you get a few you like buy them and take them home.

Before you cut your jeans, try them on and use a pen to mark where you
want to cut the jeans. The jeans will be shorter than you think.
So measure well. I say cut them longer than you want. Then try them on.
Then see how much more you need to cut. I cut one way to small.
They will be crafting shorts to wear around the house now.

I wanted to dye some of my shorts. So I took a rubber band to one pair
and just bunched some of the fabric and then poured bleach on those areas.
I just used straight bleach. No water. I had to come back a few times and
bleach more. The darker the jeans the harder it is to bleach. I just
wanted to get bleach on certain areas on that pair.
One pair I just laid on the floor and spilled bleach all over them.
I had to go back a few times again to get the look I wanted.
Once you get the bleached look you want, throw them
outside to dry. Make sure they are dry. Then you can wash them.
Some people use water and bleach. I did that on this next pair.
The jeans were already light enough. I just wanted to get them
a little brighter. So I let them sit in my sink with water and bleach.
Then I let them dry. Wash them.

After they are dried you can color your jeans if you choose to do so.
I bought Ritz Fabric Dye and Tulip Fabric Dye. They both work fabulous.
I dipped my shorts in hot water salt and dye. Let them stay on for about hour.
I am not sure if there is a set time for how long you should keep
this stuff on. I wanted hot pink. So I used less water and more dye in my mixture.
You have to use hot hot water to rinse out the color.
The longer you leave it on the darker it is. The less water you use in the bottle also makes it dark.
If you want light colors add more water. If you rinse it right away you will also get a light color.


 I got the look I was after. I am sure after I wash these, I will get ombre again.
I am ok with that as long as the pink stays hot and not faded to light pink.

 My jean vest collection is complete. I have a half jacket, light jean and dark jean.
I thrifted them. The one with the pins I bought new in the 90's.
I just cut all the sleeves off.

 I found a studded belt that was falling apart at the thrift store.
I took it apart to use the studs.
 Look how easy it is.
 I want to spray paint some of these!

 I wanted to make purple shorts!
After I finished the bleaching I let dry and then I got busy
with some purple stain.

 I had left over dye in a bowl so I made one of my gym shirts pink ombre.
Now I am all fancy at the gym. (not wearing gym clothing here)
 Here is what my purple shorts look all dried and done.
These are the ones are cut too short. BOO!
Here is my GALAXY pair. I love this look. I want galaxy everything.
You bunch up some of the shorts with rubber bands. You then carefully
pour bleach into these spots. Some of the bleach will run all over the pants. That is fine.
You then let it dry. Wash it, dry it. You need pink and purple dye.
First use the pink and apply it some of the jeans then use the purple and do the same.
Let stain for about 30 mins then rinse with HOT HOT WATER.


too cute! I remember the tie dye days!

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