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I have been thrifting! I bought all these.
I found them at the same store on the same shelf.

 I have been busy this past month.
I am sorry for my lack of posting in July.
My oldest son moved back in the house. Hubby lost
his computer room. My craft room is still mine.

The youngest child went to Greece for 10 days.
Before he left I was running around all over
town to Miami and back trying to get him a rush
passport. He got it. He went on his trip and had fun. 
He just got back a few days ago.

My website is no longer up and running so now all my tutorials 
and free patterns are gone. I have them. I will be
putting them back up again. I just have to change my website provider.
I plan to put several patterns on my blog here and just keep them here instead
of my site. That will make it easier for everyone. You and Me!!

 I found and bought these Strawberry Shortcake Sheet.
This is just a flat sheet and a pillowcase. Twin Size.
I am going to make a dress out of it I am sure.
It has been a while since I have been able to find bed sheets
worthy of taking home.

 Owls were stalking me at thrift stores one day.
That unicorn was saying please take me home.
I am trying not to buy every unicorn I see. I see MANY!

 I picked up this Pyrex Dish.
I had to run over to Pyrex Love Blog to find out what pattern this is.

This is called Medallion. It is a promotional piece.
I paid $2.00 for it.

 I told you the owls were following me.

 This set of Rainbow Fire King mugs were too pricy for me.
4.99 each. They look in great shape. But not really.
The camera is lying to you.

 Scratchy Green Pyrex Bowl.
As I put this down I found another one next to it
even more scratched up and faded so so bad.
I just ran away.

 I told you there is always unicorns.
I grabbed the Rainbow one in the front with the blue sticker on it.
I also took home that brass piece. 

 I picked up this amazing shirt for $4.
I love half days on clothing.
I always keep my eyes open.
It is a hit or miss. You can either find stuff you like or not.
Find stuff that fits or not. It is work going to a thrift store
to buy clothing. I always find it rewarding.
If you are going to thrift for clothing, make sure you clear some time
to do so. It is like shopping in someone else's closet.
You will not find several sizes. You will find one size.
Look for stains, holes and smells. Broken zippers,
check the pants pockets. Are all the buttons there?
Check the seams, are they ripped?
I am not a picky shopper cause I can sew so if I need to replace a zipper
or add straps to a dress or sew a button and so on. I do and can.

 I found this beautiful Aqua Pyrex dish with lid. Butterprint.

 I lost my computer desk when the oldest child moved back in.
He needed a desk for his pc. I was happy to give up my ugly brown desk to him.
I have a desk in my crafty room. It is for letter writing, packing stuff up and crafty chores.
So I need another desk in my room. I went to go look for one.
Thrifty of course. Truth be told, I had lugged my ugly brown desk in from the PC
room to my crafty room and then we went shopping for a desk for my son and he
did not like any of the ones they had. My desk fit all his needs/wants. So I ended up with the
new to me desk for my pc. WIN WIN!! Everyone is happy now. I paid
$20.00 for this desk. I love it. I want to paint it. I was thinking yellow.
My other desk in the room is white. This one is more off white.
I haven't touched it. It is still this color.

 I picked up this nightstand for the oldest child. I paid $5.
I know I get lucky with the furniture prices lately.
I do go often. I do not find these prices all the time.
The most I have seen a night stand for at this store was 25.00.
Really, still not bad for a piece of vintage all wood nicely made furniture.
Unlike today in most furniture stores that use fake wood aka compressed particle board.
I sanded this down and painted it black. It is now in his room. I will try to get a photo of it
once there isn't candy wrappers and drinks on it.

I found this Pyrex pitcher and Mushroom Salt n Pepper shakers.
I have to get a photo of all my Pyrex Pitchers. I have 
several now.


Love your Medallion Pyrex! Such sweet finds!
Hope you're having a wonderful week! :)

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