Weekend Spoils..this and that.

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I spoiled myself to a little bit of this and that. I saw these fabrics and quickly flashed a few ladies who will be screaming over these prints. I only found just a bit.They were on sale too!Oh did you see my fabric button tutorial? I had to play once I got home with these Dritz button kits. They are so much fun. They are so fast to make too. I have lots of little bits of scrap fabrics. Really cute fabrics! This is way great way of using up those scraps. How perfect?

Shabby Baby Shower Dolly

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I made this dolly for a local friend of mine. She is attending a baby shower and wanted something unique and handmade and a doll. She asked me to make the dolls hair blonde. However, me being the bully I had to get my way and give her pink hair. She was completely thrilled over her. Yippee! Whew!

How to make a Fabric Button Tutorial

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I purchased a Dritz button kit from my local Joann fabric store. You can find them here from Amazon.com.

They do come in many sizes.
On the back of the button kit you will see a circle pattern. You need to cut that out and trace that circle on to any fabric you please.
Now take all these pieces and lets get ready to make that button.
Take your fabric and lay it upside down on the white rubber stomper.
Next step is to take the button and place it on the fabric flat side down.
Take the blue stomper and place that over and smush as tight as you can.
Pick up the blue stomper and lay down again and give another smush.
This is how it should look after you smushed. You want to make sure nothing is sticking out so you can place the backing on with no problem.
Place the backing on.
Place the blue stomper on.
Remove the blue stomper after you hear or feel a little snap.
Pop out your button.
Then admire your new fabric buttons. They are shank style. I do love them. They are a perfect way to show off that fabric you have so very little of. Have fun.

Some of My dolls in YOUR house!

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My friend shared these wonderful photos with me. I just adore getting to peek inside homes and seeing how my babies are living. And I see they are living the good life. I just adore the way she decorates her home. You know my hubby won't let me prim up anything but a corner. Thank you so much for sharing your home and love and photos with me Leslynn.

being allowed inside ones mind

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When you create your art. Do you allow others to step inside your world? Do you feel the calm and don't care who is there to watch the storm? Maybe you will fall down a few times. It happens. But are you able to just get up and keep going? No matter what? Just as determined if not more determined to succeed at anything but failure. Don't let the lion take your rabbit.

NEW Raggedy Ann dolls on Ebay

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Yes I said Ebay.

I'm calling

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I miss the good music.


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I want to show off my oldest son. He is 18 and a senior in High School. This was his first musical and first time in a production in front of people. I must tell you I am just so proud of him. He and I share the love of acting. I am just thrilled and excited and so very proud of him.

Breaking the Ebay Rule

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I am going to break my Ebay rule. Even tho I just made the rule over a month ago. I said "I was never going to put any of my dolls on Ebay ever again". Now that is going to be a lie. Later today, I will be putting a doll on Ebay. I just got so annoyed with Ebay. I have been an Ebay Member since 1998? First I was just your average shopper. Then I became a seller. Ebay has raised their fees so much in the past 3 years its really just nuts what they charge for simple little things. They claim they keep lowering their fees. I have yet to see this happen. They always pretend like they do but when you sit down and find all the NEW things they charge for every few months. You get bitter like me. You notice they say they offer something for free now or a lower price only to find out they hike up other fees in other areas to make up for what they lowered. I honestly wished they charged people according to what they are selling. I think if your selling a car you should have different fees/rules from me the doll maker selling her dolls.

Ebay no longer lets people sell digital e-patterns. I am sure lots of people have taken advantage. So that is prolly why they no longer let you sell them there. Anything digital like templates and books. Nothing digital can be sold on Ebay. Again, I say that really stinks. Its always the bad ones that mess it up for the honest ones.

I also heard that Ebay will soon not let you use auction templates. They will have ones you can choose from them. (10 bucks says they charge a fee for it)

No one really likes change when it happens. But if you make the change for the better then everyone can cheer and rally and get excited. So far. Ebay has me still half way out the door. Their change is leaving me scratching my head and wondering if I got charged for it.

New doll patterns available.

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Come over to my website and take a peek at the patterns section. I offer e-patterns in pdf. format and I also offer hard copy patterns.

Pencil Blog Swap

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BLOG SWAP – Pencils

Who wants to play and take part in my first ever Blog swap?

This is going to be my first blog swap. I have never done a blog swap before. However, I have swapped a ga-zillion times before. I am going to host the swap thru Swap-Bot. If you have never heard of swap-bot, please take a moment to go over to the website and sign up. Click here to go to SWAP-BOT It’s really easy and it’s free. Swap-bot is just a platform that people use for swapping. When you sign up please fill out your profile. This is where everyone writes out what they like and don’t like.

Here is the link to sign up to my pencil swap click here.

Please take pictures of swaps you sent out and/or that you get. (if you have a digital camera) That way I can post your pictures on my blog. Just send me your photos as many as you want to take.

Your swap must be $15.00 worth of goodies. You don’t need to spend money either. If you have extra supplies and are crafty and can make or sew things that apply to the theme in which your partner likes, then you can make your goodies. If your not a crafty person and would like to purchase swap goodies you can too.

What do you swap in a pencil swap? Pencils! Pencil box, pencil case, pencil cozy. Notepads, eraser tops, eraser covers. You can even make a one of a kind pencil creation. It’s up to you. Here are a few examples to give you a creative boost.

pencil case

pencil pen case

pencil cozy

another pencil cozy

pencil pouch

fabric covered pencils

pencil holder

Since this is my first swap, I am only collecting ten names and making this a USA only swap. Just for now. I will do an international swap soon. I promise. I want to play with all my friends. Please, make sure you fill out your profile with your likes and dislikes. You must hurry up and go sign up. ANYONE can take part in this swap. I have password protected the swap. The password is prettypencils (all one word). I had to make it a private swap so no other swap-botters can sign up for our swap. Please only sign up for the swap if you intend to follow thru. You have a full month to get your swap out. Please be advised that if you sign up for a swap and don’t follow thru you will not be allowed to take part in any future blogs swaps I put together. Once all the spaces have been filled up the doors will be locked. So GO NOW! You have until April 25, 2008 to sign up. Once that day passes the DOORS CLOSE. Let make this a fun first blog swap. XOXO

Vintage Sesame Street

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Remember Kermit was in there?

Electric Company

anniescupboards Reply 10:23 AM

Banana Splits

anniescupboards Reply 10:17 AM
I SO loved this one.

New Zoo Review

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There was no "Disney" and "Nick Jr." in my days. Just these awesome shows.

Great Space Coaster

anniescupboards 1 10:14 AM
Yes! I totally remember all the words! I loved this show.

Fraggle Rock

anniescupboards Reply 8:12 AM
Totally a Fraggle Fan too!

Muppet Show

anniescupboards Reply 8:11 AM
Oh Yes total Mupphet lover here.

NEW Raggedy Ann dolls made.

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Whats your Fav SAD movie?

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I am a you-tube junkie. I LOVE color purple and can watch it ANYTIME. You-tube artist Dejuanp totally cracked me up with his take on the movie. I can't stop laughing. He is so funny and worth watching. I too cry when that scene comes on.
The famous scene.


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Thank you for VISITING my BLOG!

My New Hairstyle!

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I was tired of having all one length hair. It was fun to play with for a bit but I was limited in what I could do in styles. I had my stylst give me some long layers. I love to play in layers. I also had him add some hair extensions. Not to lengthen my hair. Just to add color. Did you notice the red is coming back in my hair? Hubby missed the red so I have been using a reddish brown dye lately. Since I have the extensions I can play EVEN MORE with my hair. I thought of getting a few colors. Maybe some blue and purple later? I am not sure. I am having fun with the blonde at the moment. Wait till you see othere styles that I can do. I been playing too much, but loving every bit of it. This is the shortest I have had my hair in over 8 years!

Mickey gifted Me!

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My dear sweet sweet friend Mickey send me over these awesome goodies. Does she know she has something in the mail coming to her? (wink)! I adore making yoyo's and she has sent me some perfectly cut and ready for me to use. THANK YOU MICKEY! XOXO
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