Primitive & Mod doll listed on Etsy

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I listed some dolls today. 2 of them already found homes. Come take a peek if you need Christmas gifts. I am working on more of these styles. They are a new pattern I made and I really like them. They are so cute and huggable. I am thinking of making them into a pattern to sell. They are only 12" tall. I really need to start making more patterns. I have slacked big time on that. I have a few goals I need to get done. I am really shocked Christmas is around the corner. I told my son as soon as its October, boom its January in a blink of an eye. We are always so busy and I just adore this time of year. It just comes and goes by so fast.


HI!!! Love the new dollies!!!! They are adorable and a good size!!! hugs carla

Me Again!!!! I had to come back, I went over to your etsy and saw your very creative rings and they are just wonderful!!!! This is a very creative idea!!!! hugs carla

Oh, you lovely dolls....
I love them!

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