Vintage Singer Sewing Machine, WORKS!

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I really don't sing like that. Ok I do. HA! I was too excited about finding out that my sewing machine I just purchased, works. It works really well. (from what I have seen so far) Take a peek at the video and hear her purr. Today's Singer sewing machines are not the same as the old ones. They just are not. These machines were made to last. I have owned a newer singer and I prefer if your going new to get a Bernina. You will not be disappointed. But if your going vintage. Grab one of these. There is no fancy stitches. Just a straight one. I have been trying to find the year and model number for mine. I found a serial number on the front of the machine. It starts with the letter G. My friend sent me this link to try and find out more about it. I am getting closer to finding out. I also need to learn how to thread the machine. Also need to learn how to make a bobbin full of thread. I found another price tag on the bottom of the machine. $90.00. WOW! I paid 25. (first found a $60 dollar price tag, maybe they were trying to get 90 then went down to 60 then went to 25?) I now love that price even more cause it WORKS! This was to be a display piece but once you know you can play with it. Makes it hard to just display it.


yay!!!!! And don't worry...singing to yourself is least that is what I tell myself!

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