Vintage Singer Sewing Machine

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I had the agenda today to hit the thrift stores and buy all the used art and anything that I could use as a wall piece for art. Of course I found nothing for that project. I am really shocked at the sticker price that Goodwill marks their photographs/canvas and frames. I can go into any retail brick and mortar store and pay less for what they ask. I hate it when I have an urge to create and play and I am unable to get all of the supplies needed. Funny thing about thrifting, you never know what you are going to find when you go. I have a list of items I of course always look for. I love to see the kitchen ware. The bedding. I am forever adding to my collections. Sometimes I just stop buying/collecting things. I seem to fall right out of love with something I thought I dearly loved. Ack! For instance, mugs. I was going on this love of mugs and had to always see them and buy them. Now I really do not care to own or buy or look at another mug. I may even just sell the pieces that I have been collecting in hopes to find its mate. Of course they had to by Pyrex or Fire King Mugs. That love has passed. However the Pyrex bowls are still at the tippy top on my list. As I was saying, you never know what you will find when you are thrifting. Behold.......this singer sewing machine. I have no idea what year it is. I see sewing machines like this all the time in antique stores. I have seem oodles of them in Savannah, GA this past trip. (with very expensive price tags) These machines are always $100 and higher here. Depends on who is selling them. If they came with a table or not. I love these machines. I always wanted one for decorator purposes. Not to use. Just to show and stare. I really can't see paying a bunch of dollars for something that will just sit. I really just wanted the machine itself and not a table. I find the table ones all the time. (never just a machine) Where am I going to put a table? No room for a table. But the machine itself can go onto the wall with a shelf or at the top of my bookshelf. Today was the day to find this piece. I found this Vintage Singer Sewing Machine for $25.00. I almost did not purchase it. There was a sign on the machine itself for $60.00 and a sign on the case for $25.00. I asked about it and they said Oh no they are all 25 dollars. (there were 3 machines, only this one caught my eye) The detail on the machine is so bright. The case works and locks up. ITS SO VERY HEAVY! I have not even plugged it in to see if it works. I will have to update you and tell you. I had no idea I would be finding this today. I mean you just never know what your going to find when you go out thrifting. You also have to decide if you really want that item RIGHT THEN and there too. Cause unlike any other store, a thrift store is usually first come first serve, no rain checks, no reorders. You leave, you may never see it again. I am sure some of us know this very well.
I like how it has pops of red and blue.
I am really interested in finding out the year it was made.

Hubby will for sure call this a 50lb paper weight.
I found some vintage needle punches. There are a few of them in there and they came with different size needles.
I found more hoops. I used up all my other ones. They are on my wall showing off my silhouettes creations. Nice to find that oval one.
I really did not need to buy this glass. I do not even have any of the other ones. In the 80's Pizza Hut came out with them. Maybe I will just collect them and then sell the set when completed? It was a quarter!
I found this small aqua vintage Pyrex bowl. (aqua you know I am gushing)
I finally found a butter dish. A vintage Pyrex one. It matches the plates and cups I have. I see these all over Etsy. I could have bought one and ended this search a long long time ago. But what fun is that?


Nice finds! I love the painting on the singer! also that butter dish is too cute! And...if and when you get a full set of those carebear glasses I will be on it like a bonnet!

I have been shopping in so many vintage shops lately that its amazing how much they charge for these items and how you can really scoop them up at a good price in a thrift store. I will totally look you up when its completed. Could be a while haha! Usually I find these all the time and I pass them up. The jelly jars with the muppets. I see those. I collect the garfield mugs. I just need 2 more.

oh the garfield mugs!!! I used to have all of those when I was a kid!

Gorgeous finds, I am DYING to find a pyrex butter dish!

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