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I had to run to the store to get some more of this pink color. I also needed some more woodsy people. I know the store I usually visit for these items would not have one of the two items needed. Cause I bought all the woodsy people they had 2 days ago. Usually they take a few days (months)to restock. I was waiting 2 months for them to restock it before hand. I know some like to call them peg dolls. To be correct they are sold as game pieces. I gave them the name woodsy people cause I am creative (brilliant, haha) like that. When I hear peg dolls I think of these and these. I like mine to mimic these dolls. Remember this? I still want this item. Yes today right now. If I found this I would prolly buy it. I loved the people. If my memory is correct, they were all wood when they were first created. Then I think the heads were plastic and the body still wood and then another change making them all to plastic? That is why I call them woodsy people. Mine were wood. That is where my inspiration came from. Today I went way out of my area. It was worth the trip. Not only did I clean them out of their woodsy people. I found 3 more doll houses. How exciting for me and my love of creating them/selling/playing. These things are hard to find. I am going to make one up for a birthday gift to a little girl turning 3 this weekend.


I remember playing with a friends tree house when I was little and I really want one NOW too! They occassionally come up on ebay but are really expensive, as is the re-released one that came out this year. If you see one - grab it!!

what THEY ARE SELLING IT AGAIN? I am sure its updated now right? Oh man. I SO loved this house. My friend too had it. I remember always bothering her to play with it. She always let me too. She had OODLES of goodies. Like 3 different barbie houses and cars to match. Oh my. I had A barbie. This house was just the best. I have seen it on ebay. WHooah!

THe Magic Klorofil Tree House is available in Australia here fro $199!!:

I keep hoping to find one at an oppie, I'll keep my fingers crossed for both of us! :)

Your friend sounds like she was great!

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