Wood Doll Cottage House in Color

anniescupboards 2 7:59 AM
Count me in. I too am in love with yellow. I am all about finding and painting and using yellow this summer. Its so bright and happy. It matches with so many colors. I am still in the process of painting these. I have 4 started. I have 3 more to go. I am going to keep one of them. I have no idea which one. I will put 2 in my Etsy Shoppe. 4 will go with me on the craft show happening locally this Oct. I really want to make another yellow one. Just different colors. I need to play and see. Before I choose colors I do a search on Flickr with just colors and see how they look with each other. You can't imagine all the color exploding on Flickr. Look at this, this and this here. I like it when they use different colors of the same color. Look here. This look is called monochromatic. Then just pop in another color and it adds/makes a pretty detail. I may try this next. I just have to research colors.
My hot pink is hot. Yellow and pink match.

The left is aqua, white and red. The right is light blue, red, white and black. I am running out of aqua and white. Back I go to the store. First let me check all my colors. AGAIN!


I'm with you on that. I love the yellow one. I love yellow period and I'm so glad that it's a color that's coming back.

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