3 of 6 Woodsy Peg doll House(s)

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I have almost finished these. I need to varnish a few things and I need to finish painting a few things. Just touch up stuff. I really LOVE the color combos I have picked out for these homes. They are very eye catching. Each house will come with 3 sets of curtains.
I love the ovens!

This one comes with a fridge. Not all of them have a fridge. I was lucky to find the fridges at my local thrift store. They are actually tiny small boxes. I only found 2. I just glued a wood piece inside for a shelf and painted it. Also the bed was a thrift store find. Another small wood box that pulled open. I instantly knew what I was going to use them for once I found them. Now that I see them all together I am so happy with the results. They do look like fridges and a bed! Yipee! You can pull that draw open on the bed and put your secret things in there.
The pops of yellow make me SO HAPPY!

Panda's House! Ha! I love how adorable this combo came out. I can't believe I have to sell these.
It's ok. I have set aside one of these homes for me. I have not even painted or played with it yet. I am building that house in my mind the moment. And it looks FAB! If you are interested in grabbing one of these I am going to list them in my Etsy Shop once I have finished. I will tell you when this happens. It will be very soon.


OOOMMMGGGGG!!! Sherry, I just LOVE LOVE LOVE those little houses, the panda house is my fav, I love the colors!!
And I agree, you need one for yourself ;)


They are wonderful....very creative indeed...thanks for sharing them...blessings

You are seriously talented!!!! I have to agree with CSP...the panda house is awesome!

Those are so so cute! I might want to buy one for my little granddaughter for Christmas!

The little houses are so cute, I really love the green (or is it blue, aqua?) dresser in the top photos.

Yes that is blue and aqua!!

Thank you XOXXO!!

My baby girl is going to love that doll house. She really love doll house. The design is great, the color is perfect. You are very creative.

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