I made a dress. DIY kind.

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So I have been wanting to make my own D.I.Y. (do it yourself) dress for some time. I just needed some fabrics to do this. The other day I found all those jersey fabrics in all those colors at the thrift store. Perfect! I have a dress in my closet that I like. Its very comfy. Its a tank top dress but it flows. It's not tight. I love the way it feels. So I tried to mimic that. I have made clothing before. I am very familiar with certain areas but I am not a professional. I have never worked with stretchy fabric. Jersey knit fabric is stretchy. But not bad. I only cried tears a little bit and had to use the seam ripper just a few times (4). I was going to just make a skirt. Then that whole dress idea came into play after I made all the ruffles. So I went into my closet and dug out (who am I kidding I totally had this crammed in my dresser all in the corner not even folded) this old white tank top that I was no longer wearing. It shrunk and it's starting to be more of a belly shirt than a tank top. It was on its way to being donated then I realized it would make a perfect top. And look it does. I just sewed a ruffle on the tank top to match the skirt. I sewed the skirt onto the tank top. This was not as easy as I thought it was going to be. I would have rather made pleats (or attempted to try) than to do the gathering method like I did. I will know from this point on to keep playing. The fabric does has some weight to it. But not much. I am used to sewing with quilting fabrics and muslin. So this was something with more texture and weight. Something you don't consider when your not used to using those mediums. I am happy with how it came out. Flaws in all. All my seams actually match up. I love it when that happens. I just did not get the skirt on as even as I would have liked it. I keep redoing it but after a while I just learned to live with it. I even wore this pretty thing to the craft store yesterday. Then I got home. Took this photo and thought I should take one using my other camera. Walked into the kitchen to make myself something to drink and hubby was opening a bottle of cranberry gingerale and it exploded all over me. Priceless! I never washed any of the fabrics to begin with so now it is. I was lucky to not get any soda on the white part. the floor is still sticky. I hate finding those spots you missed. The bottom of the skirt is gray. I love gray with everything lately. White gray and purple are just meow for me! I am beyond obsessed with ruffles too. Really really got it bad for the ruffles.


I love it!
The only "garment" piece I've sewn so far was some pajama pants for hubby. Gosh, that took a while!

Have a great day!

you did a great job! I haven't sewen "me" cloths in a long time, ben trying to make a yellow poka dot dress but now the fabric's hiding from me LOL

love it!

i got a thing for ruffles too!
♥ ♥ ♥

Very nice dress- congratulations!

I'm trying to do a DIY dress at the moment but it doesn't look as good as yours!

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