Hammary White Desk

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So I talked and talked talked about this desk so much. I actually got hubby to go with me to get it. ON BLACK FRIDAY! We did not venture out to any retails stores. Just to the grocery store (which by the way was totally empty) and the thrift store. Lucky for me the desk was still there. I really could not get it out of my mind. You saw me blah blah here about it. I just fell in love with it. I had to have it. I need a crafting desk. I have a dresser not a desk. I am giving my son the dresser when we move. I also got 25% off of this beauty too. I paid 80 dollars for it. I came home an researched that desk when I first found it. It's a Hammary desk. It has a vintage vibe to it. But it's not vintage. Hammary furniture is expensive for my pocket. There is no way I could afford this out of the thrift store.
There is so much detail on this desk. I love all the curves it has. It's just a feast for my eyes.
I simply can not wait till we move so I can use it. I wish I could afford a book case just like it. I love love love this style. I am so happy it was still there. I had it bad for this.

Thanksgiving with Pyrex!

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I did it. I finally used a whole mess of my vintage Pyrex finds. I baked in them. I stirred in them. I served in them. I even let people TOUCH THEM! hehe I just wish I had a table to set them all at to make them even more pretty. I had to use my craft table as our buffet table. Meh. But hey Pyrex made it pretty.
I used a Vintage Vera too.
I can't find one of these swans. After dinner my sister in law gathered up all the linen. When I went to wash. I found only one swan. EEEekkk.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I hope you did too.

Thrifty Pre-Thanksgiving Shopping

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I am not doing any black Friday shopping outside my computer. Usually my UPS man is doing the walking for me. I had this urge to hit up all my thrifty stores before the streets were invaded. I have not been finding anything worthy to take home. Yesterday that changed. I found 4 vintage suitcases. I found another train suitcase. So exciting! I have an upcoming craft show that is selling vintage and these are going to be there. FOR SALE! I will have the dates listed as soon as it becomes available. I am going to vendor at a few shows this coming year.
I love these vintage strawberry linen napkins! There are 4 of them and in perfect shape. I paid a dollar for the set. You know I also found a wonderful white desk that is calling my name. I left it there cause it was just a bit costly. But its so pretty. I could use it as an art desk when I move. I need an art desk. I don't have one. I may just run back and go get it. I can't stop thinking about it. I am sick sick in love with it.
These were just waiting by the register and saying take me home. So I did. That is when I noticed the white desk. Just sitting there all pretty. I really do want it. This is torture.
I also paid a dollar for this round table cloth. its so Mod(tastic) I just LOVE the prints and colors.

I keep texting hubby on how much I love that white desk.
Its such a bad want. But GOOD all over!

What I did these past few weeks

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This is what I wore on Halloween. I know I am a bit late showing you. I was a 1960's airline hostess. I carried my vintage train suitcase all night. It carried all my purse items and my camera.
I went to a sweet 16 party. At midnight the day became MINE. It was my birthday after the party. How wonderful? We all went out for drinks and laughs. I made that feather hair clip.

I found vintage Pyrex. This has been a slow month in the thrift stores for all things vintage.
I also found out this month NEVER EVER GO into that seedy thrift store's washroom ever again. Eww lets just say EWww and Oh my GAWSH! REALLY! AND NEVER AGAIN! I had to go so bad. Oh man it was awful I can still SEE IT let alone the smell!

Vintage Betty Crocker Hostess Cook Book

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I have been reading some of my vintage books. The Betty Crocker's Hostess Cook Book was lovely to look through. There are some great photos and recipes in this book.

I'm trying to find fun ideas for Thanksgiving. I am the Hostess this year!!

Large Feather clip

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Large Feather clip
Originally uploaded by mollygeewaggener

Rose Bud Peacock Feather Barrette Hair Clip

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Ionic Roost feather hair clip

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Ginger Lush Feather Hair Barrette Clip

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Feathered Hair Clip

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Julie Feathered Hair Clip
Originally uploaded by nmegraphics

Lately I am really into feathers. I want to make a few for the next craft show I am attending.

a bit of the same

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The very same time I took this photo the green started to fall. I am so happy it fell that way. The ground is higher in the back of the fence and it fell a whole 4 inches. If it was to have fallen forward I would have been taking photos of a broken green bowl and big old sad on my face. I never really had anything fall before. Dolls yes. Heavy Pyrex? No. Well until now. Eek. I will have to display them some place else for photo sessions. I was shocked I even got this photo. It all happened so fast. I even went and reached forward as if I could have stopped it. Oh I was so LUCKY!!!
I found this set. Again. Yes I know. I keep finding these ones. And notice. The blue bowl? NOPE it is not there. again. I always find these 3 together. I was told by Linda from Pyrex Love that the hard one to find is the red one. She says that for some reason the red one was the most used in any kitchen and always had the most ware or even MISSING from the set. Well, I am happy to have a few of them. She told me its a 402. I need to learn these numbers! I have been learning so much at The Pyrex Collective. It's like school for Pyrex. Not kidding. You learn so much and about yourself too. How much of a Pyrex Hoarder are you? I have learned I have Pyrexia. I love it. I have also found lots of others who are like me. United in Vintage Pyrex!!

I have been doing much of the same since my last post. Just lots of packing. I really want to make something. I just have not been able to get into anything. I feel rather blah and not interested yet I am. Just not really. I don't have a craft show coming up. I kinda wish I did. I see all my friends posting locally about all the upcoming shows they are doing. I so wanna go out there and play. I can always visit. I am not able to do all the shows there are. Let me tell you. There is an explosion of craft shows and art shows for indie artist in South Florida. You should get out there and explore them.

November is here!

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I am shocked at how October just came and went and here we are in November. Before you know it 2010 is over. This time of year is always so fun and busy and full. I have listed these butterfly vintage bed sheets in my Etsy shop. I also found a few Pyrex pieces to add to my collection. I have most of it packed up. Then I remembered I have Thanksgiving coming so some of it will have to be unpacked, used and then repacked. I totally did not even mark which is in what box. It just says. Pyrex. Eekk.

$5.00 was able to get me all these lovely Pyrex finds. I just love 50% off days!!
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