Vintage Beaded Handbags

anniescupboards Reply 12:56 PM

I found these precious vintage beaded handbags today.
They are fabulous and bright!
I have an orange one like the aqua one.
These I found in a thrift store.

WOW such eye candy for me.

This is the orange one I had.
That one was found at a yard sale.

I am going to sell them locally at my craft show in Oct.
Stitch Rock 2011 is Happening Oct.1 here in Delray, Florida
So if your local and wanna shop vintage/handmade you
should totally drop by.

Vintage Pyrex Square Flowers - Verde
(Verde means green in Spanish)

So yesterday I saw these on the shelf.
I was really shocked at the price tags.
They priced each one. No all for one price.
Sometimes you wonder if your shopping at a thrift store.
They love to mark Pyrex really high in this store.
A few months back I heard the manager saying,
"OH let me check Ebay's price before I ticket that item".
Did he just say that?
YES he did. Hello, its a thrift store not an antique store.

I left them at the store.
I knew today was 50% off day.
If they were meant to be mine then I would get them.

They were meant to be mine!!!

I have a green bowl that was already in my collection
that could go to this set. But as you can see it is not the same shade
of green as the rest of them. Not sure if that matters.
So maybe I have a full set of this now?

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