I'm in the local paper today.

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The craft show I am attending as a vendor in the next 2 weeks is being talked about today in the Palm Beach Post. You can see the article here. My dolly is there. I just loved seeing that. Something I created being shown off in the local paper in the Arts section(front cover). After I about fainted I then grinned for 2 hours straight. My cheeks are sore. I love it. I hope lots come out to see us at the show. I am almost ready. I have so many dolls waiting to get finished. I am cutting it close. I hope to give you a sneak peek before I pack them away for the show!! Thanks for the shout out Palm Beach Post. Your Amazing!! (staci!!!)

Silhouette Brooch remade to a belt

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I have a few brooches from a previous craft show (i made) and I wanted to do something fun with them. I kept getting ideas on what to use them for and this is one of them. I love belts. They make an outfit sometimes. I have this long sweater that I really do not like using by itself. This makes it so much more fun. It was easy to put together. I just might make a few and sell them at the upcoming show. Just a few I can't go crazy on them. I have so many projects on the sewing table as we speak! I am still sewing away. I have lots to do still.
But I always find time to play.

Mama duck has been sitting on her eggs for long periods of time now. The other day I checked and counted when she left to go eat. 16 eggs as of yesterday. I could not count them this morning cause they were covered in feathers and only 2 were peeking out. I am thinking in the next few weeks she is going to be doing lots of sitting. When she goes away I throw some grapes out there so when she comes back she has a little snack.

Pyrex and Barbies make me smile

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I found some amazing finds at the thrift store this morning. I have not been going thrifting cause I am trying to save my pennies. I have decided to go just once a month. Instead of every time I feel like it, or pass a store. I am saving for a trip that I might take later this year. If I don't go on the trip think of all the thrifting money I shall have saved. I found these 2 barbie dolls. They are reproduction barbies from the 2000. I was shocked to see them. I was also shocked they had all their toys and shoes and pieces still in them. You can tell this was collected and not played with. Until now. You know I am not keeping them in those boxes. I play with my dolls. I noticed when they released these dolls in the 90's they used very small boxes for them. I like that. Now they are so big and take up so much space. I keep my boxes. Just cause I don't keep them in the boxes does not mean I throw away them away. Storing them would be neater if they came back with the small ones. I found Barbie Sophisticated Lady and Barbie Suburban shopper.

I also found a vintage yellow Pyrex bowl. The big yellow. Again! Now, I have 6 of them. I just need to find the others that stack in here. Once I get a few sets found, I am totally selling them locally at one of the craft shows I do. Not all of them. Maybe just 3 sets.

1960's Flower Power Bed Sheets

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I go crazy for those vintage bed sheets. I do. The more flower the better! I made this purse from my most favorite sheet in the batch. Truth be told, I have been holding on to this sheet for almost 1 year. I think longer actually. I did not have the courage to cut into it until yesterday. I only have a twin size fitted (sheet)worth of fabric. The sheet is so bright and no stains or holes or fading and I drooled a little when I found it in the thrift store. I seem to find a few of the flower power sheets locally. You can buy some online in Etsy I am sure. Some people buy them and then cut them up and sell them as fat quarters too. I sell a few vintage sheets in my Etsy shop. I don't cut them up. I am sure maybe I could sell them quicker if I did. I just can't. I love vintage. So I think maybe there is someone like me with that same like and wants to still use that as decor on their bed. Or maybe they need more than a fat quarter. Like when your making a skirt you need at least a twin size to work with. Sometimes more depending on the style and size. Usually if I find a sheet I love and there are some holes or stains in the sheet, I cut that one up and use it in my sewing. Usually I find the ones that have the elastic all worn on them and they pretty much scream please cut me and make me into something pretty. This sheet had nothing wrong with it at all. Made it really hard. Then nothing was ever good enough to make from it. HA! So finally I said your either going to sell it use it. So made myself use it.
I am going to make a few more like it for the show coming up. Now its a sheet so I had to buy really thick interfacing to make it stand up and keep to the shape of the purse. I think I may keep this one and use it at the show. I really love it. I also cut a few hair bows out in this fabric. I think I might keep one of those too. Then I can stare at the fabric forever!

Oh and we have 13 eggs today.
I found out she is a Moscovy Duck.

We have eggs!

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The other morning I was saying bye to hubby at the door and I noticed something in the front porch garden area. We have this long front porch with a small little garden area inside the porch. Eggs. 3 little eggs. I was a bit like What??!! When I first saw them, seeing how we have so many ducks around here. I had a feeling they were duck eggs. Those ducks love walking all over here. They do walk all the way around the house from the back yard. In fact they do that several times a day. I see them next door. Across the street. Down the street as well as the back porch, yard and lake. They are not being fed by anyone. Which is good. They need to find food on their own. Did you know bread is not even good for them to eat? I had no idea ducks should not eat bread. I did a little research the other day cause I had some really mushy cherries in the fridge. I wanted to throw them out in the yard but I knew the ducks would find them and prolly eat them. I found out they can eat them. In fact berries are very good for them. So when no ducks were around the took my mushy blueberries and cherries to the yard. I scattered them all over. They eventually found them. Usually I see them in the back porch eating worms in my grass. There is a whole mess of them back there. I saw. Ewww.
Each morning I go out there to see if Mama duck came by. And she does. More eggs just kept appearing each day.
It started to rain the other day and the eggs were getting wet and mama duck was not around so I went and took a broken umbrella I had and propped it above them. I thought mama duck would be freaked out by the pink and white shade above her eggs. But no. She didn't seem to mind and laid a few more eggs.

As of this morning we have 12 total eggs so far. So exciting to watch nature. I really do love it.
I finally got to see mama duck the other night. She was out there and I grabbed my camera and shot a few photos. She didn't seem to mind that either. My poor flash must have blinded her cause it was pitch black dark when I took this photo. I wonder how many more she will lay. How many will hatch? EXCITING!!

Booth Shot

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Booth Shot
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I am researching craft show booths. I do this every year. I explore how everyone sets up their booths. I try to get ideas. Some people are so very creative! I have been thrift store shopping for some time now and I have lots of stuff I can use in my booths. I am tired of tables. I want something table-ish but not a table. I like how this person used her table in a very creative way. I adore the mash of the old mixed with the bright new fresh colors. I wish I could do my entire house like that. Hubby is to 'modern" for that. Maybe I can convert him one room at a time. I won't touch his computer room. Promise.

I am still cutting and sewing and have nothing to show you. I have been so busy since the move and now I have this show upcoming. I have so many plans of trying to get this and that done on here. I need to update my Etsy shop. That will happen first I am sure. Then I would really like to get another free pattern listed here. I do want to change my blog around a little bit. I think just a few changes here and there that I have been slacking to do. The show that is upcoming is going to have a contest for the vendors for "best dressed booth". I feel that it might be rather hard to compete with so many lovely artists. But I shall give it my all. The show is a retro show. Everything from the past. You will be able to find lots of vintage items to buy and clothing. Oh the clothing. I could easily spend all my money I make there. There are a few crafters who create vintage type items or use vintage items in their craft that are going to be there. I was so lucky to get in. I heard there was such a high demand and lots of artists wanted in. I am beyond excited. I just love hanging out with all the crafty people and the vibe is so fun.

Speaking of crafty people. My primitive friends and I are talking of gathering this year. We almost went to San Fransisco, CA. But that didn't work out for everyone. The dates always get in the way. Of course they do. When your trying to gather 30 something woman from all across the state and some out of the states. So we are headed back to Lancaster, PA. Maybe. Nothing is even set in stone. You know the whole waiting and talking and feeling it out is still going on about this trip as well. I really wanna go. I haven't seen them in 2 years. Last year I went to Savannah, GA with 3 of them. Not everyone could make it and the months were slipping by as planning fell apart. So I do hope to go. I miss them. I totally miss Lancaster, PA too.

Craft Booth

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craft show booth

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craft show booth
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indie craft parade booth!

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Craft Booth

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Craft Booth....
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There is so much pretty to focus on here.

Sewing, lots of sewing.

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I have been doing lots of sewing since my last post. I have been cutting out doll bodies and sewing then stuffing. Then repeat. I have a show coming in February that I need to prep for. I have an Etsy shop screaming for Primitive Rag dolls. I am going to make a bunch of Valentines and I love you dolls. Maybe some "sweet" ones too.
This was the lake yesterday morning. Creepy huh? It was so foggy out. I am near the everglades so it hung out for a while in our area. I actually loved it. I was humming the music from the movie "The Shining". It was so creepy fun. I was watching and looking out there for a long time waiting to see if I saw any zombies walking out of the lake. Sadly none did.
Everyone is officially settled into the new rental. We are now "home". There is so many upgrades and likes we have about this house. So many things we did not have in the other house. Like a fridge that is quiet and does not sound like I locked the cable guy in the freezer and he wants out. All of the outlets in the house work. Every room was wired for cable/satellite tv. THE LAKE! No possums. Yet something was digging in my trash the other day and I "think" it was a cat. The house is cooler in temperature. I think its cause we are on the lake. There is always so much wind back there. I love that feature. None of us can walk by a window without gazing. There is so much light in the house during the day no light is never needed. Not even when sewing. Ok if its raining then yes I need it. One thing I don't really like is how busy our street is. Lots of people turn down our street and race to the stop sign in effort to try to make a stop light that is next to the stop sign. I am not sure why no one takes the short cut I found. The one with no stop signs or lights. And you don't have to cut through my street to get to it either. It's funny cause I have to wait till they speed on by before I can pull out of my driveway and then I go my way and as I pass by the light, I see them all waiting and I just smile. My mailbox is at the end of the street. So checking the mail during hours when people come to and from work is deadly. And the speed limit is 25 not 60. So riding my bicycle out there has been a little iffy too. Still. LOVE THE HOUSE!

My Pyrex collection

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Every single Pyrex piece made it to the new house safely. Hubby's computer desk. Not so lucky. I secretly hated his computer desk. It was so big and awkward. When it broke in the move I tried not to smile about it. I had to use this shelf to put my Pyrex in. This is my former fabric shelf. It would not fit into my sewing room. This book shelf is freaking huge. I plan to get another shelf to show off my Pyrex in. But for now I am keeping there. this shelf makes me look as if I hardly have any Pyrex. My large yellow bowls look so small. I like being able to see my Pyrex everyday. In the smaller house we were renting I had to hide every piece. There was no place to show it off. Now I have this huge shelf. Not to mention an extra empty room this all sits in. I have way more space now in my new rental. I am so excited!!
Gift Card Purchase! I love finding unusual things. This to me screamed unusual. It said on the tag this was for candles. I rather put a plant in there. I have this hanging over my desk in my craft room. I love the way it looks. There is a little door that opens and closes on one side. I never understand why people who say giving someone a gift card is a cop out for a gift. No it's not. I love gift cards. You get to purchase what you like. No better gift than that. Hubby knows I love going to all those stores he does not. Like thrift stores, craft ones and my favorite place to find retro barbies at a clearance price: TUESDAY MORNINGS! I get to find the goodies I like and want and thank him for giving me the gift of SHOPPING. I would LOVE to have found Pyrex under my tree for me. But my man works all day and by the time he gets out there is not a thrifty store open. He is so smart. He said here you go lady. Have a Visa gift card and purchase those next thrifty Pyrex pieces and smile your heart out. Gift Cards ROCK!
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