I was on Vacation last week

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Some people can never understand my love
for Disney World. They don't see what I see.
They have no idea why I love it so much.
It is the happiest place on Earth.
 Hubb surprised me with Annual Disney passes and
a vacation get away for several days at Disney.
I was really shocked, surprised and happy.
It has been some time since we took a real vacation.
We are going back as much as we can since we have
annual passes. I am already planning for September.
I might even do Halloween there.

  French Onion Soup @ Grand Floridian Cafe

If you go to Disney, you have to research for where to get the most
yummiest meals. They do offer a ton of quickie stuff. If you research where
the foodies eat, you will be set and not stuck eating the quickie stuff. We bring
snacks with us and lunch stuff. I find it easier to have lunch at the hotel
and then pool time before heading back to the parks. We bring
water, fresh fruit and lots of it. Organic Sweet Tater and Organic
Corn chips and granola bars. Muffins for the morning and tequila for cocktails.

Hubby and I have been to Disney enough times to know where not
to spend the money and where to spend the money.
I love their food. We find new places to eat every time we go.
Inside Magic Kingdom there are a few key places to go to.
One of my secrets is THE PLAZA. I recommend you
make reservation for this place for lunch or dinner. But I prefer lunch.
That steak and cheese sub. Oh my! Everything on that
menu looks fabulous and I plan on working my way through it.
I have been going there for years. It's a little yummy secret of mine.
 Inside the Grand Floridian

 We went to the 50's diner in Hollywood Studios.
It is yummy for the eyes and for the tummy.
They treat you like you are family.
So they say everyone there is cousins and sisters
and uncles and what not.
It was really cute.
"Cousin RAY and SHERRY your table is ready.
MOM wants you to get some grub."
 Everything is set up in the 50's in there. The servers, the staff
the booths. The inside looks like dining room and kitchen eating areas.
it was REALLY fabulous for someone like me who loves
vintage kitchens. The tables, the displays. You have to go.
The food is amazing. AMAZING! The staff, SO FUN!

 So I am walking to my next ride in Hollywood Studios and look who cuts me off.
Darth Vader!

It was the last week of Star Tours Weekend.
Hollywood Studios Celebrates Star Wars and
they go all out. I wore my Star Wars DRESS!
 SO MANY PEOPLE told me they loved my dress.
I was like Yessss I am rocking the Return of the Jedi dress and Loving it.
I saw lots of people who had matching shirts. Even a few
had on Hubby's Star Wars shirt. But I can tell you this, NO ONE
was wearing a dress made from bedsheets like I was.
Kids young and old were admiring that thing. I was asked to take photos.

I got a message from the daughter of the gentlemen who
actually drew all the art work for the bedding for the first
movies. You can see the post here. I am going to cut and paste it so
you can read it here:

Amy said...
I just saw your photo over on Arterpillar -- your dress is fabulous! I just wanted to tell you that way back in the early 80's my Dad designed those sheets - he was an art director/designer for a textile company and he worked on every bit of bedding for the first three Star Wars movies. The first time I saw that pattern it was being hand painted on a giant roll of paper. I love so so much that his sheets have been getting new life lately, your awesome dress is a perfect example. I just wanted to let you know that his family is loving that, and he would have too!
That message had me so smiling.
I am so honored. I love the first 3 movies. They
are to me the only ones that count. I am not a fan of the last three
movies. HA. There I said it. Call me old school.
These sheets are fabulous and I am so excited to learn about them
and the artist. The reason I chose that sheet to make into
a dress is because of the graphics. I had to make sure I got the front the
back and each side piece with a character on it.
Almost every single Disney employee was screaming "LOVE YOUR DRESS!"
 I used my Iphone to capture all my photos this trip.
I am really loving the camera phone these days.
They work almost like my Sony Cyber Shot did back in the day. 

 I was crying like a baby while watching this.
I was so happy to see it back.
You have no idea how long I have been waiting.
It was perfect. I loved it.
It was just like I remembered.
I miss Michael Jackson and I loved seeing Captain EO!
It was 198o's all over again.
 I wore my Disney Snow White Dress to Magic Kingdom.
That dress was pretty much just as a success as the Star Wars one.
Everyone was LOVING IT!
My friend is going to Disney with her daughter for the very
first time. After seeing my dress she asked me to make her one.
I am. I am so excited about it. I will show it off when done.

 Chicken Dinner @ Grand Floridian Cafe 

 Grass Fed Cow made Burger @ Grand Floridian Cafe

I'm like throwing hints here. You have to try the lunch and dinner
@ Grand Floridian Cafe. By the way, I took off that lobster
off my burger.  I love lobster but not on my burger.
I could only eat half of that burger. It was AMAZING.
Not a single slice of cheese was on it and it did not need it.

 We stayed at the Polynesian. It's so romantic.
You have access to the monorail at anytime.
It goes two Epcot and Magic Kingdom.
It also goes to Grand Floridian and The Contemporary Resort.
You have to take the bus to the other parks and hotels.

 Oh Cotton Candy!
 The chocolate!!


Looks like you had a BLAST!!! You react exactly the same way I do when we go to Disney. I had no idea the Grand Floridan had a cafe, and from the looks of it we will have to go there! We have to go together sometime it will be too fun!

I am so glad to know there is someone else who acts like I do when they go to Disney!!

I have never eaten in the restaurants at the Grand Floridian, but I have had the roasted chestnuts outside and hot cider inside during the cold days of December! That was way too fun. I guess I know where to go when I go back!
We will have to plan a trip with you sometime for sure!

WOOOHOOO, My family and I went and had a BALL. We went twice. Now our sons are 18 and 21 but we plan on going again.
You are just a doll and you and hubby kissing in one of the pictures was so cute.

I can tell you both had the time of your life.
It is SO magical. I scrapbook and I scrapbook over 500 pictures, but it was fun and now we can look back.

Thank for your fabulous post!


I just found your blog, and I love it! We are huge WDW fans-it is our favorite vacation spot. We have been at least 10 times, but have never eaten at the Grand Floridian Cafe! We are definitely going to try that next time.

Our last trip was this past Christmas, we are new DVC members and stayed at the Bay Lake Towers. It was wonderful! We had my birthday dinner at Citricos, which was delicious, and Christmas dinner at Victoria & Albert's-which was beyond my ability to describe, it was so wonderful.

You look absolutely adorable in your dresses!

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