Thrift Store Night Stand Makeover

anniescupboards 2 10:26 AM
 I bought this night stand a few weeks back.
I had a hard time trying to figure out what to paint it.
I knew buying it I would be painting it.
I have white walls all over the house.
I rent and I do not want to paint every single room.
So in order for me to get some color in the rooms
I have been putting pops of color in there.

I would love to get those cling vinyls you stick to the wall.
That would be about as much paint or detail as I am willing to go.
My crafty room is painted aqua. That is all the
painting I need to do.

This is my first large project that involved using a sander.
I found so many tutorials online that I felt
super confident about doing this. I had to wait
for a good weather day to do this project.
Florida is very humid and it could rain at any time.
Over the weekend was perfect.
I set out a big old blanket and went to town.
I painted it such a bright yellow. I was after
a complete bright yellow. I used Krylon pray paint.
You have to use this stuff outside. It is a killer.
You might wanna use gloves and goggles too.
I did. I finally have long nails. I want to keep them.
Took time to grow these babies out. Ha!

My next project will be a hutch. 
I just need to find the right one.
I am almost completed with my mini master bedroom
makeover. I will have photos soon. 

Boring Brown No more! 


very sweet! good color. and i always spray paint on the grass, because the paint spray-over will just grow out. great job!

I love the color! And the shape is fantastic too; you did a great job. Can't wait to see the "wish list" hutch (when you find it.)

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