Indie Craft Bazaar Summer Of Love

anniescupboards Reply 11:00 AM
 I went to Caturday this past weekend. It was held at the Green Room 
in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. There was lots of art to be purchased.
All Cat themed of course.
You were able to adopt cats/kittens too.
I always get mushy for cats. I love them so much.
I have 3 cats and I could very easily adopt
many more if I had the money and space.
I would be that crazy cat lady on a farm.

I also went here!!
The Indie Craft Bazaar
Summer Of Love.
The line was long but the show was indoors with A/C.
If you want to keep a heads up when the next craft show
is going to be here, go to facebook and check out
Indie Craft Bazaar right here!
 That was Amanda running bye, but she stopped to say HI!!
She is always very busy day of the show.

 This is the Green Room Part of Revolution Nightclub.

I have not visited this club for many years.
In 1980's it was called "Backstreets". It was a gay and lesbian bar.
I used to baby sit for a lesbian couple when I was in high school.
They took me there once on family day. They had a pool in the back of the club.
They set the entire area up for family fun. It was great.
1990's It was called "the Edge". I used to work at Target
and after we closed the store we headed on over there to listen
to Pearl Jam, Counting Crows, Faith No More, etc. it was the 90's. Eventually
that dreaded dance music that plays the same beat would take over and we
would leave to the back area where the pool was and is not there anymore.
They always had a live band in the back on the stage.

Today this club is broken down into mini clubs. Revloution, Green Room
and America's Backyard. It still looked the same but not.
Industrial with a touch of class now. This craft show was inside Revolution.

 I picked up this drinking glass of Miss Piggy from the Muppet's movie.

 They have mirrors all over. I couldn't resist playing in them.

 I bought one of those I heart Cat necklaces!

There is another show happening soon. You should
go find out when and what time and get over there.
There is always new vendors and always new handcrafted items.

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